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Python programming language pyunicorn package was used to generate matrices of recurrence plots and networks, while its astropy package was used for bootstrap statistics. (2003). (B) South America. Thus, chaotic regime has greater impact on seasonal influenza epidemics than quasi-periodic regimes. A Matlab version of the Lyapunov exponent estimation algorithm of Wolf et al. Severity of seasonal influenza epidemics vary interannually from mild to severe (Doshi, 2008; Frieden et al., 2010) even when the circulating influenza virus strains are unchanged. Since circulating virulent strains do not always cause severe seasonal epidemics, monitoring the dynamics of ENSO, the main environmental determinant of seasonal changes in occurrence, should increase accuracy forecasts. The concept of temporal precedence of time series was developed by Wiener, who proposed in 1956 that if prediction of a time series X by its past values is improved by the past values of another time series Y, then time series Y has causal influence on time series X (Wiener, 1956). Trajectories of dissipative systems return to a region of phase space called attractor as time t → ∞. 2 we presented an unusually robust 1-D map exponent calculation for experi- mental data obtained from a … In ref. there is an error of fname. 2012:471653. doi: 10.5402/2012/471653, Timmermann, A., Jin, F.-F., and Abshagen, J. (A,B) Northern hemisphere. Trans. This is discussed in the documentation (Lyapunews.pdf) - please read it. 10, 422–437. We use essential cookies to perform essential website functions, e.g. J. If you have questions, PLEASE DON'T POST THEM HERE. Rep. 366, 1–101. 368, 589–592. An equatorial ocean recharge paradigm for ENSO. Based on the theoretical algorithm of Zuo Binwu, the matric algorithm of Lyapunov exponent is given, and the results with the results of Wolf's algorithm … You don't want that code. Battisti, D., and Hirst, A. C. (1989). (F–J) Distributions of CPR index of ENSO and influenza with Null data in. Python Code The following code takes a text file with the time series, ‘timeseries.txt’, as the argument. Environ. The algorithm … A. MathSciNet  A Math. Sci., 15 March 2017 Sys. Barnett, A. N. Engl. Front. Alan Wolf. Am. The signature of annual oscillatory component of ENSO on influenza in North America is statistically significant, but not vice versa (Figure 12A). The Time-dependent intrinsic correlation based on the empirical mode decomposition. 46, 1687–1712. Occurrence of El Niños from 2000 to 2015, with onsets in spring or summer and peaks in fall or winter, is also strongly coupled to seasons. Millions of developers and companies build, ship, and maintain their software on GitHub — the largest and most advanced development platform in the world. These metrics are computed from adjacency matrix, which is defined as Apq(ϵ) = Rpq(ϵ) − δpq, and has correspondence to the recurrence matrix. GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Part 1: Conceptual Model. The unstable periodic orbits of chaotic trajectories are locked when they are in phase synchrony, which implies ni : mi relationship of their recurrence plot phases, where i is time index (Romano et al., 2005). Lett. Compass. of the exponent as orbital divergence is tracked through more and more of the input data file/time series. Phase synchronization of ENSO and influenza. J. Wolf Alan, et al. Feel free to create data files with any software that can output time series values, one per line, terminated with a carriage return AND line feed. … The phase space of periodic trajectories increases by 2π for each rotation, or ∥x(t+T) − x(t) ∥ = 0, where T is the period (Romano et al., 2005). doi: 10.1175/1520-0442(2000)013<;2044:ICOTSO>;2.0.CO;2, Argyris, J., Faust, G., and Haase, M. (1993). A 316, 87–114. It has just been converted to Matlab with several syntax errors in code. (E) Oceania. Public Health 3:250. doi: 10.3389/fpubh.2015.00250, Oluwole, O. S. A. Wolf Lyapunov exponent estimation from a time series. (excuse my English), If you have questions, PLEASE DON'T POST THEM HERE. -- Physica 16D, 1985. Lyapunov exponents of the circle map in human hearts[J].Phys Lett A, 1992,170(1): 29–32. El Niño: a chaotic Dynamic System? i have a question sir . Yu Quanhe, et al. Waves of El Nino-Southern Oscillation and Influenza Pandemics. Estimating and interpreting the instantaneous frequency of a signal. Route to chaos and turbulence. Nonlinear dynamics established in the ENSO. Influenza virus transmission is dependent on relative humidity and temperature. I greatly appreciated the addition of plotting/stepping, which lays out the action of the algorithm very clearly. Multifractality of the annual oscillatory components of ENSO and influenza of five regions of the study indicate statistical self-similarity, which is typical of natural fractals. Influenza time series of northern and southern hemisphere regions, which also show sub-annual, annual, decadal, and multi-decadal oscillations, indicate that influenza time series have oscillatory components of similar periodicities to ENSO (Figures 4A–F). Harmon. Front. Thanks. It requires the package numpy. 14 Aug 2019. SIAM Rev. Documentation is included (both the Physica D article, and a pdf named Lyapunews).

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