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[3], There are three game modes: challenge mode, music-play and Casino. Dragon Quest III – Hero’s Challenge (battle music) A few years ago there was a fan translation project for Final Fantasy Zero on the PSP. A fan translation project kicked off just a few months ago. Dragon Quest IV – Combat (battle music) Finale [Famicom Version] (FMS) {DLC} The PS1 version never came out here. For Theatrhythm Dragon Quest on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "chance of localization? The DMCA would protect the host so long as they just complied. However, SE can send a C&D even if the translation is legal. I tried that. I was wondering if anyone knew of a translation guide for Theatrhythm Dragon Quest? Theatrhythm Dragon Quest (シアトリズムドラゴンクエスト, Shiatorizumu Doragon Kuesuto,?) is a rhythm game developed by indieszero and published by Square Enix on March 26, 2015. Podcasts That's obviously what prompted a fan translation in the first place, demand for it. Leaderboard. I'm not a Square Enix fan by any means but they're quickly going to my "used purchases only" category with their antics lately... Hopefully, as the article states, this points to an official release outside Japan. Love Song (FMS) Of course a company with lawyers could send nintendolife a cease and desist if they wanted to for this comment, just because they didn't like it. Contact us Their loss actually and kinda sad. Privacy Policy If not, an explanation of how the Dharma shrine works would be appreciated. “Bruise the Ooze” from Dragon Quest V [BMS] [13] More than 76,000 copies were sold in its first week, making it the best-selling Nintendo 3DS game in that week. Theatrhythm Dragon Quest (シアトリズムドラゴンクエスト, Shiatorizumu Doragon Kuesuto, Theatrhythm Dragon Quest?) I'm starting to think that the instinct to ignore, or even deny, any good decisions should be called Squenixitis. All the others are available on PS2, DS or IOS. Features While some would say story is important to a video game, the main medium of experiencing it is playing the video game. They handed out scores of 10, 8, 9, and 8 for a total of 35 out of 40. I'm sure it didn't help that the west didn't get 5 and 6 so they had kind of forgotten about it though 8 seemed to do ok. “Balloon’s Flight” from Dragon Quest IV [FMS] Here’s the lineup of songs that players have access to at the moment: Chateau Ladtorm (FMS) Theatrhythm Dragon Quest 3DS - Japanese Names and English Translations Connect with us. Better release it over here then, otherwise that's just stupid. A Dragon Quest VII re-release arrived on 3DS in Japan back in early 2013, yet fans in the West have seen over two years pass with no sniff of a localised version. All of these songs are free – they can be downloaded at no extra cost. I would love to see both DQ VII and DQ VIII come to west. (You still need to buy the movie to use the subtitles, you still see the ads for the google translated page). Square is getting a little weird. Square ignored the project until it was complete and then within a week of the completed patch being distributed Square sent a cease and desist letter. There are currently over 60 tracks in the game, with more coming as DLC. Home/Startpage. Over 60 songs from the first ten games in the main series composed by Kōichi Sugiyama were featured in the game, as well as various characters and monsters from throughout the series' history. I don't know about a official release. OTOH, if we really wanted to get DQ7 released here, we have a better chance just organizing a boycott of all Square-Enix properties until they release it. This time's "Dragon Quest (video game)" is the first music game in the series ♪ The "Dragon Quest (video game)" series combines with its popular game "CITY TRINM" with its unique gameplay and cute visuals Did. I would 100% buy both VII and VIII (boxed please). Dragon Quest – Overworld (field music) ...and how were they planning to play this modded 3DS game? “Lively Town” from Dragon Quest V [FMS] They better be localizing it or shutting down fans who are just looking to translate a game are being horrifically treated by a company they support. Any of these games could have an eShop only release over here to reduce risk, but. The original game did over 4mil in japan, and like 150k in the west. If you really wanted to try it and have something capable of playing ps1 games, the ps1 disc of dq7(still called dragon warrior at the time) is $28, you'd pay that for a 3ds cart anyway. I thought as long as they weren't distributing copyrighted material, it was fine. Member. The game features popular Final Fantasy songs and characters, who appear with a similar style to their avatars from Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade, Kingdom Hearts Mobile and Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. For a full translation of Famitsu’s review, head … Press J to jump to the feed. Rodea: The Sky Soldier wasn’t the only big Famitsu review this week. For a full translation of Famitsu’s review, head on below. My favorites are 1, 4, and 9. Really hoping for a Western release, but still not hopefully. [5], Theatrhythm Dragon Quest was first announced at Jump Festa 2015 on December 10, 2014, with a playable demo. Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime 2 (3DS) has relatively little text, and that didn't get translated. Just like you can send the police a noise complaint against a commune of mimes. Level 9. Heavenly Flight (FMS) Not 100% correct but better than nothing. It is right out insulting for them to stop fans from making a translation when they themselves feel it is too expensive. Square Enix has updated Theatrhythm Dragon Quest with five new DLC tracks. Five free additional music packs were released as downloadable content over a period of time after the release of the game. What exactly is the legal reason you're not allowed to translate text?! released on Switch in the west for free, Lots of Black Friday 2020 Switch deals now available, here are the highlights, Scans roundup - Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town, Balan Wonderworld, Maglam Lord, more, WiiWare games Bit.Trip Beat, Core, Void, Runner, Fate, and Flux coming to Switch, Fire Emblem Heroes – Book IV ending movie, Famitsu software sales (11/16/20 – 11/22/20) – Top 30, Root Double: Before Crime After Days Xtend Edition footage, Japanese Taiko no Tatsujin: Rhythmic Adventure Pack commercial, Switch eShop currently experiencing issues, Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Turkey Day event footage. Square enix has always being picky and C&D many fan related stuff. The week before, the 8-4 guys hinted at big localization reveals. They're comfort food. It probably won't mean anything. Games Database, Reviews 2:15. @Yorumi, DQ7 is a slog. “Magic Carpet” from Dragon Quest V [FMS]. I would buy these games day 1 of they came out here. They handed out scores of 10, 8, 9, and 8 for a total of 35 out of 40. It'd be nice if let nintendo bring it over like bravely default. Podcasts Theatrhythm Dragon Quest (JPJapanese: シアトリズムドラゴンクエストRomaji: Shiatorizumu Doragon KuesutoMeaning: Theatrhythm Dragon Quest) is the first Theatrhythm game based on the Dragon Quest series, released in 2015 on the Nintendo 3DS exclusively in Japan. Contact us More: Japan, Square Enix, Theatrhythm Dragon Quest. It feels stretched out, and it's hard to play a really grindy RPG with little gameplay depth for 100 hours. We know eeeeeeveeeerrythiiiiiing. While tracks can be unlocked in challenge mode,[4] playable characters can be unlocked in Casino. @manu0 once the work is done they distributed it for free which is where the issue lies in. Supplying a patch does not circumvent the need to buy the game.B. anyways the last time they did this to the type 0 fan translation team type 0 got released. [9] The first collection of DLC was previewed a week before the game was released in March 2015 and featured five songs, one from each of the first five Dragon Quest games. As of now, players can obtain and play the following songs: Dragon Quest – Battle (battle music) Kind of glad I never got into Dragon Quest. When the guy who made the Final Fantasy Type-0 translation released his last year, Square announced the HD version about a week later and sued the guy. Ericjwg GBAtemp Psycho! Dragon Quest VIII got an iOS release, and already has a translation, so it would be easy to get that into the 3DS version, yet still they aren't localising that. I’m also very glad that there are NES original songs on here. Hosted by 44 Bytes. I bet they're waiting to see how the ps3/ps4 dragon quest game sells first before any localization announcements honestly. It is ruining their planned release to iOS and Android. plus the company's localization team would want to change some things around in order to more genuinely convey the characters and world to the Western audience. is a rhythm game developed by indieszero and published by Square Enix on March 26, 2015. The magazine also brought us the first verdict for Theatrhythm Dragon Quest, which is out now in Japan. S-E seems to throw these things around to a lot of projects... o.0 Unless Square Enix actually plans on releasing the game in the west, a fan-translation so long as it doesn't distribute the full game, and just provides a patch is legal. Don't think; just kill monsters. The optimist's viewpoint can be that this cease and desist is a precursor to an official release in the West, though it's also possible that Square Enix is simply asserting its legal right as owner of the copyrighted material.

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