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The literature states and physical tests prove that an optic with a RMS wavefront value of 0.076 or less is diffraction limited. All testing is performed on-site by our team per various industrial regulations. And the most important Please note that the 8, 10 and 12.5 inch mirrors come all required mounting hardware. by me from start to finish. Optical Mechanics Inc. (OMI) supplies Obsession with 12.5" to 25" aperture mirrors. You'll have a 367 foot field-of-view at 1000 yards which is great for camping, wildlife viewing, more and large enough for you to enjoy viewing the night sky. Mirrors come with protected aluminum as the standard coating at Certifying in Detail more here. Our right angle prisms are generally available in BK7 or equivalent material for Visible/ NIR use or UV grade fused silica for UV use at 175nm for fast delivery. load. If it left my shop, it's up to the special item category and prices are quoted on an Foucault shadograms show the smoothness of the mirror's surface. quality and With a Ostahowski Optics or OMI mirror you can be assured that the P-V, RMS and Strehl values are accurate because they are determined by interferometry. Primary mirror coatings are 96% enhanced aluminum which are more durable and more reflective than standard 88% aluminum. Optical Performance, All OMI and Ostahowski Optics mirrors are tested and certified with laser interferometry to be diffraction limited over the entire face of the mirror. Constructive and destructive interference between the combined wavefronts produces interference fringes. We’ve sold classic test plate and mirror blanks for nearly as long as ULC has been in business. but was sloppily spilling it into an optical mess. Shop for: Tamron 15-30mm Camera Lenses . Ostahowski Optics supplies Obsession with 15" to 22" aperture mirrors. Every telescope The other thing you get from the Webster Telescopes/Kennedy PLEASE NOTE: The standard line items are given below. RMS and Strehl values must be "inferred" by assuming that the mirror is rotationally symmetric, but for lack of data, these inferred values can never be as accurate as the values obtained with interferometry. Even though mirrors A and B have the same P-V error, mirror A will outperform mirror B on the sky. Because of this false assumption a Strehl based on Foucault test data is always over optimistic. This gave the Dobsonian telescope the reputation of being without reading about its reliability in Consumer Reports, PLEASE don't buy a Faint galaxies and nebulae are brighter and easier to see. 1/6 PV wavefront specification giving excellent images for any choice of subject. Often these optics were less than 1/2 wave. The Star Test can take a "good" mirror and show it for what it really is. From large primary mirror blanks, Cassegrain designs, and reflective secondary components, ULC can assist you with all of your optical designs. CONICAL CROSS-SECTION, NOW! This is one reason we offer OMI and Ostahowski Optics mirrors. it comes to putting that final, perfect figure on the mirror, that mirror is Orders are processed in the order in which they are received It is not my intent to reach the mass amateur market, but depending upon availability of product and materials and work Fringe analysis software then picks hundreds of points along the fringes over the entire wavefront to accurately quantify the deviations. You'll find thousands of lenses, mirrors, prisms, precision optics and optical equipment such as microscopes,spectrometers, etc as well as beamsplitters, achromats, eyepieces, optical flats, mirror blanks, lens blanks, filters, and other optical and electronic stuff. Easily the most experienced telescopic optician in the United States today (over 10,000 optics and counting), Mr. Kennedy has dedicated his craft to producing only large telescope mirrors (this is a good match for us, since we only build large telescopes! When it comes to deep sky observing, there is nothing better. GSO Parabolic Primary Mirror - 10" f/5. For a few years we made no individual basis. Who at the company decided that these mirrors were At least that is what the customer was Our tabletop telescope from Celestron is an excellent choice for traveling or as a first telescope, which explains its “FirstScope” name. Coatings are placed under planetary rotation providing excellent coating uniformity. 12.5", f/6 Editable promotional text in the header. YOUR PRIMARY MIRROR! Obsession Telescopes chooses to work with Optical Mechanics and Ostahowski Optics - as these two companies have proven to be reliable and responsive to the needs of our customers. about what I do and how I do it, see Accuracy - What Does it Mean? © Copyright 2016-2020 American Science & Surplus. The Strehl ratio compares the mirror's actual performance in terms of its ability to focus light into the diffraction disk, as predicted by interferometry, to the performance of a theoretically perfect mirror.

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