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With that accomplished, she turned to an austere life of material deprivation and spiritual devotion. The landgrave was Hermann; his son, Louis, was 10 years old when Elizabeth arrived to live in her new home at the Castle Wartburg near Eisenach. Update Your Credit Card, SUBSCRIBE TO OSV KIDS Her father was King Andrew II of Hungary and her mother was Gertrud of Andechs-Meran, who was the victim of a political murder plot in 1213. He also forced her to endure beatings and flagellation to increase her humility. Grateful for the kindness. Elizabeth thought of how the Son of God on coming down from heaven, was refused admittance at all doors of Bethlehem and found refuge in a stable. Her youngest joined the religious life and became abbess of a German convent. Sending away her servants, she joined the Third Order of St. Francis, seeking to emulate the example of its founder as closely as her responsibilities would allow. ." A patron of secular Franciscans, she is especially beloved to Germans, as well as the faithful of her native Hungary. Return to Traditional Franciscan Calendar Page Return to Saints Page Return to Roman Catholic Saints Homepage This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. All Rights Reserved. Even in her reduced physical and material state, Elizabeth used what few resources she had to aid others. As soon as her life began, she had responsibilities from being a royal pressed upon her. F…, 1533–1603 After she was buried, miracles were said to have occurred at her grave site. 1780), Conrad's methods of subjugating Elizabeth's will and forcing her to abandon all worldly things took an extreme form. Within 4 days she became ill, and was prepared for her final hour by her confessor, who had recovered. this time, she also turned to public charity work, building an orphanage and founding a hospital for lepers, where she would tend the afflicted herself. In Eisenach the people dared not give her shelter fearing the resentment of the new masters. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. The child, Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, was so lovable that the wealthy landgrave of Thuringia and Hesse sought her as the bride of his eldest son Louis. Ludwig angrily went to have a leper removed from their bed, and upon lifting the bedclothes, saw a vision of a crucified Christ in their bed. Her fiancee died, and a year later his father was dead as well. She then moved to an simple earthen house in the town of Wehrda, where she worked in the leper hospital she had built and supported herself by spinning. When she grew a little older, she visited the poor and the sick, and waited on them with as much reverence as if she were serving Christ Himself. Large crowds of religious pilgrims from across Europe also came to pay tribute to the woman who had provided an inspiring example of a life of service to others. The next year, Ludwig died of fever as he traveled to the Crusades. Elizabeth's position at the court became unclear, but her status was secured when the younger son of Herman I, Louis, decided that he would marry her. . For the last two weeks of her life, Elizabeth remained bed-ridden, attended only by Conrad. Indeed, she was the first member in Germany, and received a message from St Francis himself. Elizabeth was also connected to powerful figures in the Roman Catholic Church; her uncle Berthold was the Patriarch of Aquileia and her uncle Echbert was the Bishop of Bamberg. Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. Pope Benedict XVI has praised her as a “model for those in authority,” noting the continuity between her personal love for God, and her public work on behalf of the poor and sick. She had come under the mentorship of a Franciscan mystic by the name of Conrad of Marburg. She was delivered from this situation by the abbess of Kitzingen, who provided her with a place to live in the abbey. On May 1, 1236, her remains were brought to the church and placed on the altar in a ceremony attended by her children and in-laws as well as several bishops and archbishops. On Nov. 17, the Catholic Church celebrates the life and example of St. Elizabeth of Hungary, a medieval noblewoman who responded to personal tragedy by embracing St. Francis' ideals of poverty and service. Our Lord announced to her that He would soon call her to heaven. The miracles that took place at her tomb were so numerous that Pope Gregory IX canonized her already in 1235. She received the name of Elizabeth in baptism. from: The Franciscan Book Of Saints, ed. Even in her reduced physical and material state, Elizabeth used what few resources she had to aid others. After reporting her death to Pope Gregory IX, Conrad was charged with making preparations for Elizabeth's canonization. Therefore, that information is unavailable for most content. Especially for young children - Elizabeth of Hungary was a thirteenth-century member of the Hungarian and German royalty who devoted her energy and fortune to the assistance of the sick and poor in the German region of Thuringia. When she was nine years old, tragedy again struck. This highly acclaimed book is . Priest jailed for theft blames Catholic doctrine, also facing sex abuse charges, Swiss Catholic diocese reportedly rejects Pope Francis’ candidates for new bishop. Working continually with the severely ill, Elizabeth became sick herself, dying of illness in November of 1231. Likely the best description of St. Elizabeth of Hungary is to say that she was, in a way, the antithesis of the rich young man described in Matthew’s Gospel.

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