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What did the SBS commandos do when they stormed Nave Andromeda? The base was built in 1942 with the creation of Royal Air Force Hamworthy. In 2013, a number of staff from the Hamworthy base relocated to Devonport when 10 (Landing Craft) Training Squadron Royal Marines moved to the Royal Navy’s £30million training centre. Its commandos conduct regular exercises to deal with scenarios from a terrorist attack on a cross-Channel ferry to countering the hijacking of a vessel to conduct an attack on a major port or city. 47 Commando (Raiding Group) Royal Marines, formerly 1 Assault Group Royal Marines (2001-2019), provides the Royal Marines expertise and training in small boat operations, both amphibious and riverine.In addition, it trains and parents the Assault Squadrons of the Royal Marines (ASRM) and their landing craft detachments. The SBS motto is “By Strength And Guile”. Royal Marines board and detain oil tanker on way to Syria. NOTES: Established in 1942 this site has been used by the Royal Marines and latterly the SBS (Special Boat Service) using helicopters for many years. Shortly after 8pm in pitching seas, the SBS force descended on ropes to the deck of the Andromeda from four Royal Navy helicopters which had taken off minutes earlier from Hamworthy Camp, otherwise known as Royal Marines Base Poole. If you have a complaint about the editorial content which relates to inaccuracy or intrusion, then please contact the editor here. In December 2018, a SBS force boarded an Italian cargo vessel, the Grande Tema, after four stowaways ran amok and threatened crew members on the Thames Estuary. Sir Robert Syms MP, whose Poole constituency includes th... new What Poole SBS did in the Isle of Wight oil tanker 'hijacking' 0 Royal Marines Base Poole (RM Poole) is a British naval base in Poole, England and is the centre for the Royal Marines and Royal Navy amphibious and riverine activities.. History Edit. It was a textbook operation of the exact nature for which the SBS trains, ironically in the same waters where the Andromeda ground to a halt on Sunday morning after radar picked up its erratic course as relations deteriorated between the crew and the stowaways, whose presence on board is understood to have been known by the crew several days before the tanker arrived off its destination port of Southampton after leaving Lagos in Nigeria on 6 October. Data returned from the Piano 'meterActive/meterExpired' callback event. Like the men arrested on the Nave Andromeda, the culprits had boarded the ship in Nigeria in search of better life in Europe. Royal Marines Base Poole (RM Poole) is a British naval base in Poole, England and is the centre for the Royal Marines and Royal Navy amphibious and riverine activities.. History. It was built in 1942 with the creation of RAF Hamworthy. Royal Marines Base Poole is a British naval base located in Hamworthy and is the centre for Special Boat Service activities. It could be terrorists, it could be people smugglers or anything. But compared even to the SAS, the activities of the SBS are generally kept firmly out of the headlines. SBS operations are highly classified and not officially confirmed, but when stowaways ran amok on a cargo ship in the Thames Estuary in December 2018, the ship’s operator said they were detained after SBS personnel were airlifted onto the vessel. Home News. The new building provides enhanced clinical care for patients providing a full range of treatment and preventive medicine, including a physiotherapy suite. Search for local Armed Services & Reserve Forces near you on Yell. It is understood to be smaller than the SAS, consisting of about 150 to 200 personnel organised into four “squadrons” which rotate through duties from counter-terrorism to foreign deployments. The force has evolved in recent decades, assuming responsibility for maritime counter-terrorism operations alongside its role in more conventional covert warfare role. Royal Marines of 42 Commando at Bickleigh near Plymouth, have marked the completion of their newly-built medical and dental centre with a ceremonial opening (Friday 25 May). Isle of Wight oil tanker: Police scramble to ‘security incident’ involving stowaways after mayday call. We’ve got to approach this problem in a much more sophisticated way, we’ve got to up our intelligence.”. All rights reserved. Despite its naval heritage, SBS soldiers are regularly deployed on ground operations and have served alongside the SAS and American elite forces in Afghanistan and Iraq. “But you don’t need to be a criminal mastermind to work out that trying to seize an oil tanker seven minutes flying time from the headquarters of probably the best elite force in the world when it comes to naval special ops won’t end well.”. Either way, seeking to disrupt the passage of a large ship in the backyard of the SBS would not appear to have been a move of tactical genius. Formed around the same time as the better-known Special Air Service (SAS) during the Second World War, the unit is the elite force of the Royal Navy and consists almost entirely of personnel from the Royal Marines, including a number of frontline female recruits. Get contact details, videos, photos, opening times and map directions. Royal Marines Base Poole is a British naval base located in Hamworthy and is the centre for Special Boat Service activities. In May 1944, the site was closed but a small number of personnel were retained for basic maintenance of the base. Contents [1], Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia,,, 4 Assault Squadron landing craft support, 6 Assault Squadron landing craft support, 9 Assault Squadron landing craft support. Women allowed to apply for all frontline roles in British military. Indeed, in the netherworld of Britain’s elite military units, a particularly opaque veil of secrecy is thrown over the operations of the SBS. Lord Ashdown being treated for bladder cancer. Find Royal Marines Poole in Poole, BH15. It is based at RM Tamar in HMNB Devonport, Plymouth The base was built in 1942 with the creation of Royal Air Force Hamworthy.In 1944, control of the site was handed over to the Royal Navy for use as a naval establishment. The base is home to around 820 naval servicemen. Sandwiched between a caravan park and a housing estate in a quiet corner of Poole, the Hamworthy Camp is a suitably discrete location for the ... Royal Marines leave HMS Bulwark during a … Newsquest Media Group Ltd, Loudwater Mill, Station Road, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. Four military helicopters – thought to have included two Merlin Mk 4s, a Wildcat and a Chinook – took 40 personnel to the scene of the suspected hijack aboard the Nave Andromeda along with the 16 members of the SBS boarded the vessel. ©Copyright 2001-2020. Former Royal Navy Rear Admiral Chris Parry said: “Next time it may not be just stowaways. The units there include the Special Boat Service (SBS) and 148 Commando Artillery which works closely with the SBS. Sorry, there was a problem with your subscription. A Gannett Company. Royal Marines Base Poole (RM Poole) is a British naval base located in Hamworthy a suburb of Poole, Dorset, England on the Poole Harbour and is the centre for Special Boat Service activities. As a subscriber, you are shown 80% less display advertising when reading our articles. Location: Rockley Park, S of the B3068 and part of Hamworthy, W of Poole town centre. Famous members include former Liberal Democrat leader Lord Ashdown, who lived in Napier Road, Hamworthy.

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