questions to ask my midwife

The biggest ‘mistake’ people make when planning a birth, Postpartum Recovery: Taking Care of Your Healing After Birth, 10 Things To Do When You Go Past Your Due Date. It’s completely normal and midwives find it’s a great sign, it usually means baby will be born very soon and you’re doing fantastic work. Let your doctor or midwife know you're committed to having a normal birth. You can also check out this great NHS resource to compare local places of birth. Finally, travel sickness bands can work really well for some women, as can acupressure and acupuncture. The first and most likely is called a hind water leak. for online courses and please don’t beat yourself up if that’s the case. I feel very nervous and I'm not even sure what kind of the things she will be talking about. I always think it’s helpful to have a. in place and knowing when and you will receive support after your baby is born is useful shit to know! Privacy Policy | Questions to ask your midwife at 28 weeks. Blood screening tests for genetic disorders, such as Downs Syndrome, are offered around this time, too. Talk to your health care provider about precautions you might need to take, such as wearing travel socks, drinking bottled water or if any vaccines or medications are advised. These notes are a record of your health, appointments and test results in pregnancy. For healthy second-time mothers who did not have a previous c-section, the rates varied from 79 per cent in hospital, 91 per cent in an alongside birth centre, 95 per cent in a freestanding birth centre and 96 per cent in a planned home birth. Pâté, cured meats and undercooked meat are best to avoid. It’s unusual to feel anything with a hind water leak, but you should still let your health care provider know. Childbirth: Questions to Ask Your Doctor & Midwife. I hear you loud and clear, I recall for the most part of my pregnancy just showing up to my midwife appointments and my only burning question was “is everything OK?”. How do you monitor me and my baby during labour? As of now I know that they assist with home birth, I am hoping that they will allow me to deliver at the hospital. The only way to guarantee continuity of care is if you opt for a home birth, work with private midwives, or choose to work with a doula for continuous support. Anything from to what pain relief they offer to visiting hours etc and if it’s held on-site you can get a feel for space (see below). If you want a VBAC, ask your doctor or midwife these questions. In this case, you may feel a small gush of warm water followed by a trickle that continues, or you may simply notice your underwear is wet and you may have to wear a pad. Not forgetting logistical stuff like parking etc. We also recommend avoiding uncooked eggs and soft yolks, and make sure your food is cooked through and piping hot, especially ready meals. It’s ALWAYS best to mention it to your midwife; even if it’s your next appt. Remember, Your Midwife Works for You. 13/05/14. Home » 10 Questions to ask your Midwife During Pregnancy. It’s another freaking huge list of questions, guys. Please share in the comments below! My top 30 interview questions to ask when hiring a birth doula. Bexxie1. Are you keen to breastfeed your baby? Others simply look online and go to the first practice that’s nearby or accepting patients. It will seem like an intrusion and even a little intimidating. Although one of the common midwife questions, a lot of time it comes down to personal preference, logistics and your financial situation. For women who have already had a baby, between seven and eight appointments is recommended. Did you know that getting to know your midwife is a very important step in your birthing process? Your maternity notes. Every woman and pregnancy is different, so some women need access to more appointments with their midwife than the recommended amount. Always check the Government’s foreign travel advice for up-to-date information on your destination, and bear in mind that you might require vaccinations for some destinations and they may or may not be recommended in pregnancy. Questions to ask your Care Provider – NOW! Have a chat with your midwife about your wishes and she can help you to make a plan. In most hospitals, your birthing partner and a doula are welcome, but do check the policy at your unit.

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