pre crisis superman feats

In Batman (Vol. Wow dude, don't quote such a giant wall of text. Krypton is in the Andromeda Galaxy which is 2.5 Million light years away from Earth, While being timed by Maxwell Lord Superman flew to the sun and back in less than 2 minutes, another massive FTL speed feat, as said in Death Battle that is 9.4 Billion km/h or 8 times the speed of light, Superman can easily detect and see things moving faster than light, Superman has Nano Second reflexes and reaction time and can even measure the time between nano seconds, his perception of time is smaller than Nano Seconds, Zoom the Reverse Flash praising Superman's speed "Well done Superman your speed rivals my own", Speed blitzing Mongul, Imperiex and Doomsday, Speed blitzes Lobo like a "super speed punching bag", Superman taking Darkseid from Earth to the Sun in seconds, Catching the Flash, another massive FTL character and the fastest superhero, Goes to Paris, into a shop, grabs a bottle of Champagne, goes back to America and changes clothes in between two words mid sentence, Superman can race with speeding photons/light, Superman keeps up with a rocket going through hyperspace and at insane speeds, Superman flew from Vega to Earth in a very short time, Vega is 25 light years away from Earth, showing massively FTL speeds, When Superman goes light speeds his insane speeds bends time and space around him, Superman hears Kyle Rayner calling for help and flies all the way to another Solar System in a short period of time, that is a massively FTL speed feat (it would take light 4 years just to reach the nearest solar system which superman obviously did not take that long to reach there, he did not even take one year nor month or a week not even a day to reach kyle) So this shows that Superman is thousands of times the speed of light, He has moved a planet out of orbit before, Sun dipped Superman pushes War World, and pushes against its FTL thrusters, War World's thrusters enable it to move beyond light speed and its using its full power thrusters in an attempt to prevent Superman from pushing it, He can lift an infinite amount of weight, Superman lifts the Spectre together with Wonder Woman, Spectre weighs as much as eternity yet they lifted him, Effortlessly lifts and carries a huge ship with one hand, He throws a small sun and mini solar system which was rapidly getting bigger, Superman has also pulled the earth away from the sun at high speeds while Starbreaker was pushing it towards the sun, Superman even said he can feel Starbreaker's pull getting stronger, nonetheless he still powered through and moved the earth back into its proper orbit, Superman can lift an infinite amount of weight, Superman along with Captain Marvel lifted a book with infinite pages(which equals infinite weight), and then they started reading it, each of them lifted half of that book and half of infinity is still infinity, Survives being smashed between Apokalypse and New Genesis, 2 planets much larger than Earth, Tankes Superboy Prime's punches while they are flying trough an asteroid belt made of Kryptonite + flying trough a Red Sun+ crashing on the planet Mogo, Tanking Darkseid's omega beams several times even to the face and still going strong, Easily survived being thrown into the sun by Eradicator and escapes, Superman easily tanks the destructive force of a Nova and was fine after, a Nova is a small star exploding like our sun exploding, Survives and escapes a double Black Hole, and escapes it by going light speed against its pull, Superman was able to withstand being on a localized gravity field that simulated the pull of a large black hole, and he stands up on it despite its massive pull, Surviving (despite being severely weakened by red sun's radiations) a Supernova 50 times bigger than Kepler's Supernova. One-shot's Arion - also takes his rings of power quick fast. Deadman wasnt affected because hes a ghost. I watched the videos by Seth and WebCamParrot. Take a second to look at our. Now I want to examine all Pre-Crisis superman feats and examine if they are valid or even consistent at all to ise in debate so we don't end up with massive shitstorms involving him on vs. Forums. No Marvel is massively more inconsistent. The monk, working for Dr. Hurt, poisons Bruce's cup of tea. Removes Highfather's staff from the Source Wall - cited for "unimaginable strength". All-Star Superman. Superman did not move Mageddon's gears. The machine also proves to be useful in Batman (Vol. In Detective Comics (Vol. It wasn't just some blast either it was red solar radiation he was avoiding, the backlash. Without a doubt, the most famous of all of Batman's superhuman feats occurred in The Dark Knight Returns (Vol.

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