parts of computer quiz for grade 2

Save. Refund Policy, You need to login to perform this action.You will be redirected in Here we are with an interesting quiz on the basics of computer! Live Game Live. if (ads == "no") Which device provides emergency power supply to computers when electricity fails? Feel free to take the quiz as many times as you need. 3 years ago. // -->, Test. 70% average accuracy. google_ad_height = 90; Delete Quiz. Which of the following can be used to store a lot of information? It ties together all of the functions of a computer, It processes the instructions given to a computer. Spell. Ncert Solutions About Modem Stands for Modulator Demodulator. Which part of the computer is this? Which device is used for entering data into a computer? question_answer38) Observe the figure given. ", "answers": [{ "opt": "A CPU fan", "selected": "false", "ans": "true" }, { "opt": "A power supply unit", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "The CPU box", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "A modem", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" }], "img": "ict/cpu-fan.jpg"}]}. What is the permanent memory built into your computer called? google_color_link = syvum_google_incontent_link; Take this test and see how very much you know about the parts of the computer. Edit. 71. Which device is used for scanning pictures to a computer? Edit. Computers. | 337 times. Jobs Information covered by the lesson includes: 12 chapters | Also called the "World Wide Web" or "Online.". This quiz is incomplete! The place on your desktop screen where you can click on icons to launch applications or switch between open applications. 2nd - 5th grade … 393 times. The bar near the top of a window that lists the different choices when working with software. Parts of a Computer Quiz 1: Look at the given pictures of parts of the computer. if (ads == "no") question_answer37) Which of the following looks similar to a monitor? } View Test Prep - Grade 1-Computer quiz no.1 from LANGUAGE 101 at University of the Philippines Diliman. Parts of a Computer Quiz 1.

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