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Next, take your measuring tape and measure the distance between the two pieces of twine at each rung height. This shelving unit is comprised of 2 legs and 5 shelves. Thanks for sharing! A stunner in the disguise of a bookcase, the ladder shelf can give a stiff competition to the other designer shelves in stores. Our free step by step plans with diagrams make it easy. See step 2 for cutting the top corner of the front legs. At what height do you attach the shelves? Alright, you guys have been waiting for this ever since I shared our Master En Suite Reveal and I finally got the post together to share with you! You’d just need to use different measurements. Thanks for the directions! Did you come into my hall bathroom and see that I have an empty spot right next to the counter that is PERFECT for this project, a spot that I was at a loss for what to put there? Published on June 25th 2016 by Michelle Anderson, Your email address will not be published. Take time to carefully prepare by cleaning your workspace free of sawdust. I used this chop saw for all the cuts on this project. Cut the 5' shelf using the 1" x 12" pine board and place it on the bottom step of the open ladder. 14. If you'd like your entire shelves to be painted, skip this step. Draw a quick diagram to record your findings. Learn more on building and also repurposing by going through the following tutorials. Drill pocket holes and join with 1 ¼” pocket screws and wood glue at the seams. Once you've removed all the shims, use a pencil to mark where the shims will go on the underside of the middle three shelves. A couple casters on the bottom would be a great addition! Bre, this project is so great! Is there a way to make the ladder with shelves taller? Very strong, as long as they’re attached to the studs , You need (2) 1” x 6” boards. Great idea, but where do you find a wooden ladder? I also believe that the hierarchy in my house would mean kids gifts on the bottom shelf working up to me just above the star! Not only do I love your plans, I love to follow where your career is taking you! I definitely think it would be ok. You could always add some brackets underneath to add a little extra support! 5 years ago Posted on March 21, 2018 January 29, 2020 Author Jim Categories Shelves Ladder and Leaning Tags diy, do it yourself, free projects, free woodworking plans, ladder shelves Leave a comment on Wooden Ladder Shelf Blanket Ladder . Thanks Ana! I just placed it on the plywood, marked the end with a pencil and then made the cut. I don’t remember exactly but it was definitely under $100! So now you can make the best use of these different ladder bookcase plans and give your plethora of books a new home. The bookshelf is wide enough to accommodate books and other reading essentials. HOW TO BUILD A DIY LADDER SHELF. These DIY corner shelves will help you declutter the rooms without losing the style and grace of an interior. What do you think of our Freestanding Painter's Ladder Shelf? When the paint is dry, remove the tape. This display is perfect for those lacking space. Perfect for any room of the house. 8 – 1×3 @ 25 1/2″ (Fronts and Backs of shelves) I love the coral color of it. Wont the shell’s interior space be 2″ and the 2×2 frame, 1.5 actual inches in thickness, be a very loose fit? And while you are going to have to wait until the posts publishes on HGTV for this exact plan, if you fancy a wider shelf, today's your day. The advantage of having a horizontal shelf is the ease of keeping the books. This is soooooo on my to-do list now and down here on the Mexican border the weather has finally become cool enough for such projects. Then mark each of the shelves 2″ in from the top front corners. Perfect! The long pieces are attached with pocket screws. Shelf Sides You can easily adapt the plans by making shorter cuts, though. Nope, it didn’t need to be anchored…the backs of the shelves are all flush with the wall and it’s totally stable! All Rights Reserved. 9 DIY Dining Room Furniture Ideas & Link Party #8 - Sincerely, Sara D.Sincerely, Sara D. Talk DIY to Me #7 Featuring Dining Room Furniture Ideas | Diva of DIY, Sawdust Sisters Disclosure and Privacy Policy. We can use this as a starting off point to figure out the rest of the shelf lengths for creating maximum tree-ness. How do you fit inside when attaching the second, long panel? We're going to fix that in the upcoming steps. And I'm so happy with how this one turned out. Transform the rungs of a distressed ladder into a cool new storage space for your myriad collection of books. Ry. Six .5″ x 2.5″ x 3ft. 2 1/2″ Trim Screws The Best Painters Ladder Shelf Plans Free Download PDF And Video. Now lets talk ladders, why not use an aluminum ladder? Article by Ana White. I’ll have to modify the plans. I had someone else mention this too. Hi Matt, Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Wood Ladder Shelf Leaning Ladder Shelf Ladder Display Ladder Bookshelf Diy Ladder Bookshelf Plans Wooden Ladder Bookshelf Design Wooden Diy. I used this stain for the kitchen shelves and this darker one for the bedroom shelves. Really appreciate the feedback! The rustic look of the ladder celebrates the vintage flavors of the yesteryear rather than just being a mere bookshelf. So here is another way to save some floor space and add more meaning to the walls. Now it's time to level out those shelves. Then start with the bottom shelf, screwing through the legs into the side trim for the bottom shelf with 1 1/4″ screws. Designed like a tree the ladder bookcase has wide and extended rungs for keeping your precious reading delights. Did you make this project? Glue the layers together (if there's more than one) with wood glue and then glue the shims to the bottom of the intended feet. Finishing Supplie, 2 – 1×2 @ 55 3/8″ (Front Legs, ends cut at 15 degrees off square) Measure and cut each shelve's shim piece(s) and glue them in between the already glued outer pieces. How to Construct a White Ladder Bookshelf. Sadly however, I'm not sure the light is all-audiences appropriate. Or do you just use the brad nailer on the ends and not the rest? Wood Glue 4.7 out of 5 stars 624. - (1x) 6' wooden ladder- (3x) 1" x 12" x 6' pine boards- (1 or 2x) 1" x 12" x 4' or one more 6' board*- an assortment of different thickness wood scraps (from 1/8" - 3/4")**- 1 quart of white water-based latex paint- 1 quart of green water-based latex paint- 1 mixing bucket- blue painter's tape- 320 grit sand paper- stir stick- measuring spoon or dropper- paint brush- craft paper to paint boards on- wood glue- string or twine, *This is extra wood just in case a cutting error is made. We had some extra plywood laying around that we cut ourselves but you could buy a half sheet from the hardware store and have them cut it for you if you need! Share it with us! 3" of each arm sticking out past each upright. One piece along the back and two on the sides. To finish off the box, secure the sides with brad nails. I could have bough, Do you slowly start decorating for Christmas or go, WHICH IS YOUR FAV? Feel free to add more or less white paint or to skip the graduating greens altogether. What are the chances of Sending one down my way. perfect for tight spaces that need extra storage, but still plenty of elbow room. Not to mention the fact that you can keep using the ladder all year round! Swipe! I would love to use chalk paint and stress the edges for a vintage look, and add small hooks so I could still hang a few ornaments. At this point I highly recommend you paint the boxes. Pingback: 9 DIY Dining Room Furniture Ideas & Link Party #8 - Sincerely, Sara D.Sincerely, Sara D. Pingback: Talk DIY to Me #7 Featuring Dining Room Furniture Ideas | Diva of DIY. Are you going to be on an HGTV show or something? I hope you get to make them soon! DIY floating shelves are a perfect addition to any room!. Sawdust Sisters is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Using a carpenter's square, draw lines on the underside of the shelves that line up with the pencil marks you made earlier. Twitter. Rubbermaid RM-SLA3-T 3-Step Ultra Light Aluminum Step Stool with Project Tray, 225-Pound Capacity, Grey Finish. Diy Wood Projects Furniture Projects Furniture Plans Home Projects Woodworking Projects Garden Furniture Coaster Furniture Retro Furniture Farmhouse Furniture. I used to have all of my son’s high school memorabilia on a small bookcase or stuck inside a drawer. Lock your child’s books in the ladder bookcase and let them unlock their imaginations with the good reads. My husband is making it for my daughter and she has high ceilings .we are thinking 8ft ..thank you! Participated in the Homemade Gifts Contest. Hi! I ended up staining my shelf first to see if I liked the way it looked but the plywood layers were still peeking through so we glued the 3/4″ trim on right over the plywood only on the front of each shelf and then stained it the same color. You definitely could! Now it is part of his room decor! This is the inspiration photo I found that I based my leaning bookshelf design off of which you can buy for almost $300.

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