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Buses? At the same, charging infrastructure emerged as the No. The key to the success in the transportation business is offering the most cost-effective, flexible, and efficient services. Who has the right to allow additional access? View in article, Chris Teale, “How 4 cities are exploring new ways to pay for transit,” Smart Cities Dive, January 28, 2019. From robotics to marketing, technology is changing worldwide. Essentially, predictive analytics takes back-end data collected by a shipping company’s operations and dispatch teams and uses that data to generate strategic solutions to the estimated shipping needs of the market of the near future. He closely tracks the federal and state government sectors and focuses on conducting in-depth research on the intersection of technology with government operations, policy, and decision-making. In recent years, many DMVs have addressed the problem of long wait times for services and limited service hours and locations through a mix of technology and process changes. This is where unmanned aircraft system traffic management (UTM) comes into play. At the end of 2016, Amazon first delivered an order to its customer using a drone. Let’s get started. In 2019 we’ve seen cities instituting no-emissions zones (affecting EV buses), creating traffic signal preference for public transit, bus-only lanes, and managing the curb. Not every public transportation agency has the capabilities, resources, or funds to realize its mobility goals on its own. After many reports of declining ridership over the past few years, 2019 has been a year where this trend is starting to turn, including in cities like Denver. Transportation agencies can encourage innovation by creating sandboxes and related infrastructure for developing and testing cutting-edge technologies. They operate best when cities put them in areas with a high concentration of employment, housing, shopping, and recreation.5, Los Angeles’ Mobility Plan 2035 divides the mobility hub concept into three categories. View in article, Federal Aviation Administration, US Department of Transportation, “Package delivery by drone (part 135),”  October 1, 2019. Report claims autonomous cars will use 4,000 GB in one day, Improving women’s mobility: It’s not just about the quality of buses. The goal is to better manage conventional air traffic, whose volume is expected to double in the next 20 years, along with unmanned aerial vehicles that could soon crowd the airways. Climate issues will create an even larger momentum toward electrification. By building trust where none existed. As technology is changing our lives it will also change the roles and responsibilities of cities and states, especially in the mobility arena. Using CBP-powered facial comparison technology, the airline can match a passenger’s photo in real time with an image stored in a secure cloud database, thus allowing gate agents to skip scanning the passenger’s boarding pass. Another important question is whether the data available to transportation agencies should be used to optimize single trips or enhance systemwide operations that affect millions of passengers. That means putting users’ needs front and center, simplifying transactions, providing better wayfinding infrastructure for pedestrians, and offering more inclusive travel options. One of the greater impacts will be changes in scheduling technology, since the constraints brought on by EVs require modern and robust scheduling capabilities, to ensure EV buses support as many revenue hours as diesel buses and that mixed fleets, containing both EV and diesel buses, operate efficiently. The growing toolkit of AI technologies—including computer vision, natural conversation, and machines that learn over time—has the potential to enhance almost every aspect of today’s mobility ecosystem. Nowadays, many oscilloscopes are entirely digital, functioning more like computerized plugins or software additions than independent devices. View in article, Kelly Yamanouchi, “Now you can board a Delta flight with your fingerprints: Technology launched at Reagan National,” Atlanta Journal Constitution, July 20, 2017. Questions also remain about how effective MaaS can be in drawing travelers away from private car use.10 Increasingly, the most successful models are those with close collaboration or sponsorship from the local transport authority, as in the case of RTD. At the early stage, Stfalcon helped this company to enter the mobile market by creating apps for iOS and Android as fast as possible. One of the perspective use cases for the blockchain technology in trucking is ensuring the accuracy of performance history records. As cities and agencies prepare for electric buses, the result will be a significant change in how they operate. Creating IoT ecosystems in transportation. While the numbers were pretty small this year, more electric trucks from the big automakers are supposed to go into production over the next two years. View in article, Deloitte, “To prepare for passenger drones and flying taxis in the sky, Deloitte earns contract with NASA to develop concept of operations for urban air mobility,” press release, June 10, 2019. Car Rental Website Development Tips: All You Need to Know, The Top 7 Transportation Management Systems 2020-2021. They can tap into them during peak demand and avoid turning on, or deploying more, ultra-dirty peaker plants. Key Technological Drivers of Change in Transportation, Advanced Transportation Management Systems, more than a million unfulfilled programming jobs, advanced transportation management systems, China was the first country to successfully create a solar roadway, The benefits of DLT in the transportation industry, 90 percent of trucking companies have six trucks or less, Predictive analytics in the trucking industry, How to Solve Vehicle Routing Problems: Route Optimization Software and Their APIs, Logistics Management Systems: How Warehouse, Transportation, and Distribution Software Work. Our goal is to create useful and convenient software. San Diego Forward, “A bold new transportation vision in 5 big moves,” accessed December 23, 2019. Principal, Infrastructure & Capital Projects. View in article, District of Columbia, Department of Transportation, “Making dockless vehicles accessible to all Washingtonians,” accessed March 12, 2020. Amazon surprised everyone this year when it announced that it plans to buy 100,000 electric delivery vans from startup Rivian, while UPS, FedEx and DHL have all bought electric trucks in smaller numbers. Expect Los Angeles congestion fee feasibility to be a hot topic in 2020. How? The popularity of new transportation modes introduced in the last couple of decades—on-demand rentals, bikesharing programs, ride-hailing services, on-demand shuttles, e-scooters, and more—indicates that people are indeed willing to change, as long as the value proposition is compelling. ​Deloitte advises government clients on new techniques to analyze, prioritize, finance, and enable greater visibility into government infrastructure projects to drive improvements in cost, schedule, and delivery quality. View in article, Seth Miller, “Bringing artificial intelligence to ATC: Huge promises, challenging timelines,” Paxex Aero, January 25, 2019. By some estimates, in the AV and CV future, each car will produce more than 4,000 GB of data per day.67 This data can be used to help identify citizen travel patterns, reduce delays, and ameliorate congestion. In other words, technology can allow for better, more holistic mobility plans for big metropolitan areas, possibly suggesting better routes and better timetables for mass transportation. Consider Suntrax, the state-of-the-art facility developed by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise (FTE). Transportation agencies themselves, along with the broader mobility ecosystem, are also placing more emphasis on customer experience (CX). View in article, Driven, “Mcity: Putting technology on the road,” accessed December 9, 2019. This forces the city to decide what is the best use of public space — private car use? View in article, Warwick Goodall et al., The rise of mobility as a service: Reshaping how urbanites get around, Deloitte Insights, January 23, 2017. Matching electric vehicle charging with clean energy: As the electric vehicle industry, and the number of installed EV chargers, grows, it's important for companies to make sure that electric vehicles are being charged with clean electricity. AllianceTexas, a planned community within the Denton and Tarrant counties in Texas, serves as a global logistics hub for multiple freight companies, including the BNSF Railway, the Fort Worth Alliance Airport, FedEx’s Southwest regional sorting hub, and Amazon Air’s regional hub.47 AllianceTexas recently established a Mobility Innovation Zone to test and foster smart infrastructure and smart mobility innovation.

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