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However, what is best for you, it’s only you who can say. For this room, the designer has created a multifunctional cupboard that also features a TV unit and a chest of drawers. According to our survey, more than 50% of couples fight over wardrobe space! If you have a small bedroom, then a mirrored wardrobe is an excellent option as it solves two purposes at once. Did you know that the original walk-in closets in the West do not have shutters? The bedroom is a personal space, away from public view, and how you decorate and organise it is your prerogative. The particleboard sliding wardrobe is in demand nowadays as the material is strong and efficient. Required fields are marked *. Another modern feature that you can find in a wardrobe is shifting doors or panels. :3688:12) And this Modern wardrobe are  rendered by the interior designers and decorators at Decoratespace, I hope you all like these designs Share your view by commenting and sharing the post, Your email address will not be published. They can be made of various materials including wood and iron. Free download catalogue & magazine online in pdf format of best pictures collected from various locations like London, Singapore, India, UK and Canada. Wall-to-wall wardrobes don’t get better than this! Not only is it perfectly symmetrical but the pops of colour help brighten up the space as well! Hangers, drawers, boxes, cabinets, an island and a dressing table will make it a perfect wardrobe. More walk-in wardrobe ideas just for you: 20 comfortable walk-in wardrobes attached with bedroom. LED lighting strips within the wardrobe ensure that you can see all your clothes and accessories clearly. Here the design has added two additional drawers on the top and bottom of the fixture. The idea is that there will be passage of air within your wardrobe and your clothes won’t smell stale. Well Livspace is listening and our designers have created a wardrobe with glass shutters so that you can see your clothes even if the doors are shut! What varies are its finishes and color. One can also opt for an elevated cupboard in case you are looking to save space. This particular one is made special with vintage victorian grooves and mirrors. Browse through millions of photos with the homify app! We also love how it culminated in a dresser with a stack of drawers. Remember that the exterior of the wardrobe will be a part of the room décor. #3: Simply seamless The metal frames to the doors glam it up What we love? If you notice, the bedroom is a very compact one. From their education and experience they know what is best for your home. Just like this one where the wardrobe has been cast into the space for a vent within the wall. Before you start building the wardrobe take a proper measurement of the space, the height, width and breadth of the space where the wardrobe is to be built. You should very well know how much time it takes to decide, Search online what type of furniture you want in your room, So I decided to share with you latest  trending wardrobe designs for small bedroom, The modern bedroom is incomplete without a stunning cupboard or wardrobe, But with a change in a  trend yearly of designing you all need the latest design in the market. Wall-to-wall wardrobes don’t get better than this! Your email address will not be published. The bedroom wardrobe is now a design statement, solving the functional requirement for storage in big and small bedrooms efficiently and stylishly. These entries are best in case you want to save space in your room. Have a look at these stunning and functional wardrobe designs that will give your bedroom a trendy makeover. Is it possible? You can also turn some of your better clothes into a display wall if you opt for glass shutters! Buy Wooden Cupboard Online In India. Sliding doors doesn’t occupy extra space. NO! If you want to give a beautiful contrast to your modern looking room, then antique cupboards are also an excellent choice. There was a time when bedroom wardrobes were considered just cupboards that helped to keep the room organised. Find latest wardrobe/cupboard (sliding almirah) design & ideas for bedroom (catalogue) for modern homes. This bedroom cupboard tucked into a niche is a perfect example of Indian walk-in closets. Here are 35 wooden bedroom wardrobe designs that, in fact, make good use of beautiful wood designs. Which wardrobe design will find a place in your home? Brightly coloured finishes for wardrobes are one. With an increase in trend for small apartment space saving furniture is the need for the owner this modern cupboard feature you find in a wardrobe is shifting doors or panels. Notice how this wardrobe integrated with a TV unit covers the entire length of the room? However, ever-changing trends and exposure to the creations of the best interior designers and decorators through the Internet has brought smart and modern design ideas right into the bedroom. Wardrobe Design July 16, 2019. Extending from the opposite side of the headboard, the closet attached to the bed meets the bedroom storage requirements efficiently. Apart from these, the mechanism for opening the doors of the wardrobe or its shape also play a role in it’s design. The unusual combination of wood and glass on the sliding door of the wardrobe brings in warmth and elegance with its smart design. 17. The closet can be used to bring glamour into the bedroom and enhance its elegance. We recommend segregating wardrobe space for ‘him’ and ‘her’ to tackle this problem. There are many ways to add colour to a space. Such cupboards are more durable than the ones made out of other materials. The sliding wardrobe with drawers is the basic … Explore the beautiful built-in wardrobe ideas photo gallery and find out exactly why Houzz is the best experience for home renovation and design. Here the design has added two additional drawers on the top and bottom of the fixture, Wardrobe designed with black glass with light inside the wardrobe, This wardrobe gives a luxury look to the bedroom. at. This helps to keep your belongings and your clothes. Shiny toughened-glass sliding doors create an illusion of spaciousness in a modern bedroom and provide ample storage space. In fact, in this home, we have two separate wardrobes for the couple. As unique as it sounds, it’s design is unique too! In case you want a cupboard which is modern and lightweight then fiberboard is the best option.

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