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This year you will have a couple options regarding size! Guess I’ll start working some blues in next! Download Block 7 ON LISsas blog Taos from Vanessa Goertzen. Diagrams show accurate placement of A, B and C squares. Download the instructions to make your own by clicking the button below. Whether you’ve been sewing along with us, or are just learning about the free block pattern we share each week in our year-long sew-along, it’s always so fun to see what’s new! Truth be told, I only sew in the wee hours of the morning. Or is that deep purple? Yippee! 56 weeks = 56 blocks, and this year you get to choose the size of each block … I’ve already whined about this in past posts that I don’t have a lot of some of the colors. Draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of all A, B and C squares. Now my frugal side is kicking in while my creative side said this is Art! h�bbd``b`� $�A�b �n$7�� [��$� ��bc�� ��"A��X @���u�DH8��X*@B�2�x���#�a�Q�4$�3` i] endstream endobj startxref 0 %%EOF 97 0 obj <>stream Be sure and follow each post because the featured designer is doing a giveaway. It is now a published book available here. This one is from Lissa Alexander and is called Zest. A mini charm pack of Zen Chic’s Just Red fabric collection and a free how-to are all you need to sew this charming mug rug. Well, actually number 10 came out yesterday but I had stuff to do so didn’t get to work on it. If you’ve been following along with us for Blockheads 2020, then you know that I love sharing the free block patterns from Moda designers each week for our year-long quilt along.And this week, I’m thrilled that it’s my turn to share my own block … Place A, B and C squares on the corners of (2) D rectangles, right sides together and edges aligned. ZEN CHIC, Schlingweg 17, 33824 Werther, Germany, Zen Chic creates modern, sophisticated quilt fabrics and patterns and quilts, Sew a Free Mini Charm Mug Rug and Blockheads 2020 – Block 7, ← 12 Awesome Aurifil Threads and Blockheads 2020 – Block 8, Free Template Feather Block and Blockheads 2020 – Block 6 →, Prism and Play a Card - 2 modern quilt patterns featuring Quotation and Blockheads, Block 46, Sewcialites Quilt Along Block 9 - GRACIOUS by Vanessa Christenson, Finally - we have a sequel of our Cult Status Collection- QUOTATION IS HERE and Blockheads, Block 45, Sewcialites Quilt Along Block 8 - SOULFUL by Joanna Figueroa, How to Sew an Oven Mitt and Blockheads, Block 44. It’s great to have a very simple block in a sampler quilt like the one we’re creating – it keeps the design from being too complicated and cluttered and gives an overall cohesive look to the quilt. ... along with the white and black lines for dark/light fabrics, these rulers are the awesome!!! I needed four more so used this tutorial from Beechtree Lane that makes four HSTs. I think I’m always very accurate and careful but I was extra vigilant with this block because of all those little bits and pieces. But there just wasn’t enough for even the smallest bits in the 12″ size. I’m caught up! 3. If you’re following along be sure to check out this post to find out what fabrics you’ll need to create your own beautiful and unique sampler quilt using free block patterns from Moda designers each week. Repeat some of your favorite blocks to create Option 1. Don't miss the other blockheads involved in this project: Betsy ChutchianCorey Yoder of Coriander QuiltJanet ClareJan PatekJen KingwellJoanna Figueroa of Fig TreeJo MortonLaurie SimpsonLisa Bongean of Primitive GatheringsLissa Alexander of Moda Lynne Hagmeier of Kansas TroublesMe & My Sister DesignsRobin PickensSherri McConnell of A Quilting LifeStacy Iest HsuVanessa Goertzen of Lella BoutiqueCarrie Nelson. It seems that no matter what mood I’m in – playful, fiery, passionate, energized, smoldering – there are hues, patterns and their combinations in the JUST RED collection that perfectly express how I’m feeling. I have really been enjoying creating different projects with this dynamic and diverse fabric series, and I’m excited to share this one with you. One block, so many possibilities . I am on the last round (each designer has 1 more block to post) of the Moda Blockheads series. If you are also new to this (late to the party like myself), I will give a quick and by no means […] There are so many possibilities with this collection, it’s really quite amazing! This is the quilt layout that I have been following: I like the ombre effect with the colors gradually changing from yellow to a dark blue. Moda BlockHeads 3, Blocks 7, 8 and 9. Mostly for the challenge. I originally intended to just use the Spotted fabric from Zen Chic that I had in my stash in my endeavor to use up extra fabric. Free quilt along Blockheads 2020, Block 7: Zest Fabrics used in the block are from Zen Chic by Moda, SPOTTED and MORE PAPER LOW VOLUMES. Life is good under self-isolation! Starched all the fabrics. You can sew this cute, cozy tea-time mug rug with just a mini charm pack of JUST RED and a couple of low volume scraps… Or with whatever your scrap bag has to offer! I’m caught up! SO EASY! Minorly because of that lack of certain colors! Free block patterns are still available, for a limited time, here. Now I’m throwing in 6″ blocks. I like it. We had such a great time with BlockHeads 2, and our Facebook community of 30,000+ quilters has been a wonderful place to see everyone’s blocks and sampler quilts coming together. Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. The rest of the day is now spent gardening, reading, cooking and napping. This week’s block, Zest, is brought to us by Lissa Alexander. I really wanted to order another 1/2 yard. �T��-�3�1g3�r�e\���>�������@,Ud`S��L �7'�RL�R� T�U� Sew along the drawn diagonal line. Use the hashtags #modablockheads and #modablockheads3 to share your blocks with us there. So I went with the 6″ size. h�b``c``�e`f`��bb@ !V �a`0J�Pc�q$X�GG��ā�rl�u`�$�z���X�X�\�� I made block 8 in the 12″ size. Figured I would only need 35 blocks to make a twin size quilt. 2. Use your I might make some in the 4″ and 8″ sizes and go with a different final quilt layout. -Blockheads 2 had a variety of block sizes. You must get more fabric. But maybe too much white? ... Blockheads 3- block 20 Block 22 Block 23 block #25 Block 34 All of the blocks patterns are always available as downloads on the Moda Inspiration and Resources page. This quilt is offered in two options. Option 2 features 64 blocks and 8” HST filler blocks. Very thankful that the Internet is still up! Looking for Moda Blockheads #2? This was easy peasy. The rest of the day is now spent gardening, reading, cooking and napping. Posted on April 19, 2017 April 25, 2017. by lisabongean . Measured each piece as I put it together. Have to say I’m really enjoying these blocks! This is all of the green I have left although I do have a 1/4 yard piece of a greenish/blue. Block 7 Moda Blockheads. Today–frugal is winning. Turned out exactly 6 1/2″. 4. And then I went crazy and ordered another 1/2 yard of yellow and a 1/2 yard of orange. Who's ready for Moda Blockheads 3?! It was easy-peasy. JAVASCRIPT IS DISABLED. Which is what I should be working with now but when I started these blocks, I only had a few green charms left. Click here to download the Block #37 "Fixer Upper" (for Moda Blockheads 3). HTML tags allowed in your comment:

. Stay tuned… Each week I’ll reveal more of my layout with the next block! More to come on that, so stay tuned for more information from the Moda Cutting Table blog posts as well as the Moda Blockheads Facebook Group.In the past I've participated in sew-alongs on Instagram so this was the first time I participated in one on Facebook. One of the fun things about mystery sampler quilts, you can change them as you go. If you're new to Moda Blockheads--this is a popular (free) block-of-the-week sampler sew along put together by a bunch of us Moda designers. Welcome to Moda Blockheads #3 (2020) – A FREE Block of the Week Program! Posted on March 19, 2020 by Kathy Green March 19, 2020 . I started out with 12″ blocks. Option 1 features 80 blocks for the adventurous quilter. Free quilt along with Moda Blockheads 2020, Block 7: Zest using the SPOTTED and MORE PAPER LOW VOLUMES fabric collections from Zen Chic.

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