marriage counseling what to expect

How To Move On After Husband’s Infidelity? There are no more butterflies and no more spontaneous adventures. When you get married, you think of a happily ever after but sadly not every marriage is bliss. You may remember it as being a little awkward. Preparing for Marriage Counseling. Our clinicians are available to sit with you, in person or virtually, answer your questions about your concerns and explore how marriage counseling can help you. So you found your boyfriend texting another girl behind your back and now everything seems to be crumbling. Your marriage counselor will likely want to meet with both of you individually and as a couple. Working with someone who works with children, adolescents, individuals and couples is like going to a general practitioner for heart disease—you need a specialist. We at The Marriage Recovery Center are available to help you determine what level of assistance is right for you. Honesty is the key to successful marriage counseling. Will counseling even help? Before you start having thoughts of late nights completing assignments and getting graded, know that homework in therapy is a lot different. You may think you will not reveal too much. You arrive home too exhausted to engage with your partner. However, if your marriage is in trouble and you have not been able to resolve the issues on your own, inviting your mate to work on your marriage is one of the highest compliments you can give them. It was like yesterday when you agreed to marry your spouse, and it all seemed beautiful. Are you feeling stuck in your marriage? If you feel emotional distance or prolonged conflict, it’s time for help. Your answer could be like many other couples who are struggling in their marriage and not sure where to turn for help. Our clinicians are available to sit with you, in person or virtually, answer your questions about your concerns and explore how marriage counseling can help you. Join the numerous other couples in counseling and start seeing the positive changes you desire and deserve. Finally, what if your mate resists counseling? There is no point in visiting a professional if you are not willing to be honest and emotionally engage in repairing your relationship. It is crucial that both you and your spouse are willing to work on your issues. For example, if you are learning how to communicate better, your therapist may assign an activity during the week that involves you and your partner finding new ways to listen or talk or both. I’d like to answer them, one by one. There can be many different reasons why you are trying couples counseling. Take the first step toward positive change and schedule a complimentary consultation. These and other activities are geared to help facilitate change. So, is marriage counseling right for you? You will meet with a caring Counselor who will listen, explore and discover the patterns that cause your distress and offer a clear plan for solutions to those problems. Can counseling be effective with a resistant partner? The same may be true for your first counseling session as a couple. Your therapist will challenge you and your partner to implement the tools you learn while in therapy. Long-term goals are what you want to happen in a year, five years or longer. You do not want to admit your marriage is in trouble or that you are struggling because asking for help is not something you typically do. Your therapist will ask questions and if you are comfortable answering them, do so. It’s important you remember those good times and contrast your current relationship to the one you’ve enjoyed in the past. The therapist might ask you about how you see your marriage, but you also may need to answer some questions related to your life and personality. It is not surprising that not everyone gets excited about personal and marital growth. It was awkward because you didn’t really know each other yet. How do you invite your mate to participate with you? In all cases, however, both members of the couple will first need to fill out background information and decide what issues they want to address in counseling. This is okay. They sought help from a marriage counselor. The fact that you are open will also make you vulnerable, but that is the risk you should be ready to take. Again, a skilled Marriage Counselor understands how to engage a resistant partner and will explore ways to make the experience beneficial for both parties. Whatever your reason for seeking help, you will be more at ease and get better results if you know what to expect. Let them know this is not a time to find fault but to seek solutions. In short, make sure to mention everything that might bother you. So, is marriage counseling right for you?

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