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Thank you for this SUPER helpful post! In these spaces, paint colours will go back to their natural state and maybe even darken up a bit depending on how shaded the area is, On reasonably well-lit walls, the colour will lighten up a bit, but only where the light hits the wall. 25 % darker would lower the LRV as you’ve indicated in your fab article. I actually love Creamy MORE in the north facing space, i love the perfect, warm – but not TOO warm note that it hits…. Meanwhile, I can’t tell you how much women like me owe to you for sharing your knowledge of the Science of Paint & Color with those of us less scientifically inclined. ), The 4 Best White Paint Colours: Sherwin Williams. I too have been struggling with Collingwood vs Balboa Mist for my open concept main floor with North, West, and East exposures and 10 foot ceilings and oodles of natural light. Let’s focus on ‘lightening’ for the sake of explanation. With our family room I don’t know if lightening the color is best or just a different lighter gray. Will it be THE SAME. So here’s what usually happens…, YES! I call the area the “dungeon”. 0 Comment. How does LRV affect colors then? Hey again Brooke! We totally dig the Brewster Gray you helped us with for the kitchen. Very informational. ANYWHO- what level contrast do you like to see between walls and trim or cabinet and trim? If you decide to run for President, put me and the rest of your fans on your mailing list and hit us up for donations. It may take me until February at my rate. Great information, thank you for all your efforts posting your knowledge! My struggle is going down our hallway and our family room. Some paint store employees will tell you that 25% won’t make a noticeable difference, but listen up, Buttercup – it does. You WILL notice it if you place the original and the tweaked version next to each other on the same wall. Remember LRV runs on a scale of 0% to 100%, 50% would be a mid-value paint color. And this is ALSO why you need to do large samples so you can give a colour the chance to work it’s magic! I love the warmth and freshness but it’s a wee bit darker than I want and Aesthetic White is too light. Your email address will not be published. Until then, Friend! The MASSIVE variable is that it can not only vary depending on HOW MUCH light it gets, but also the temperature of the light and source. It has depth and interest and maybe isn’t AS dark/plain as you thought it would be. Super helpful article! Of course, this can shift based on HOW much light its given and WHERE the light hits and and and…there are a lot of variables. Really though, let’s say you hire me for E-design and you want a nice dark gray with subtle undertones for a feature wall. So now I have the opportunity to choose some colour (I didn’t choose the beige by the way). So, back to that whole LRV, percentage jazz…. Black has a light reflectance value of 0% and absorbs all light. And I’m not talking about the area that is COMPLETELY whited-out by an intense sunray, I’m talking about the wall space around it, where you can really see the navy blue of Hale Navy coming out – oh Hale yes. While the LRV values shown on this chart are typical, there can be slight variations between individual lots. So, if a colour has an LRV of 10, you can expect it to reflect 10% of the light that it’s given – meaning it absorbs 90% of it. Unless you’re dealing with a hardcore black (of which paint companies generally don’t have access to) EVERY colour will reflect SOME amount of light, as long as it’s given light to reflect, because remember…, Let’s check out an example that I touched on in my previous LRV blog post. It sets the bones in place and will give you the info you need to understand the info below. As for a great ‘general’ colour, a lot will depend on your exposures, flooring and all that jazz, but I would definitely look at BM Edgecomb Gray, BM Ballet White, SW Accessible Beige and SW Agreeable Gray. I live in a new development and the builder paints every interior SW Kilm beige so I avoid even revere pewter as an over reaction which could be lovely. Copyright © 2020 — Scribbles WordPress theme by, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). You might also see a subtle shift in undertones, but you’ll still be working with the bones of the original colour. I have read and watched everything you have done! And btw, if you HAVEN’T read my first article on LRV, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU DO. I’ve acquired an RV which will require some renovation (still in progress), and as RV’s are notoriously compact, I decided on a mostly-white scheme to visually expand the tiny space and, hopefully, visually cool it as well. Will it be similar? How To Change Your Eye Color Naturally With Honey →. And JUST when you thought you had it ALL figured out – the sun goes down. Again, this is NOT scientific, but based on me fiddlin’ around in my office with samples and here’s what I’ve found…. I’m currently working on my lighting plan. The LRV of a color means how much light a color reflects or absorbs. And here’s Steel Wool, 25% darker in our dining/kitchen upstairs (south-facing with good lighting)…. Knowing a bit more about LRV will hopefully help me choose a really lovely colour, because let’s face it no one actually likes spending oodles of time in the laundry room! I would imagine that with your entryway being darker, that Balboa Mist would look similar in depth to Collingwood, simply because the room itself will shade it a bit via the lack of light! Hi Jill, if it were me I would lean toward all warm bulbs just to counteract that cool light a bit , Hi Kylie I just came across your blog. Thank you for visiting my paint colour blog, I'm glad you're here! HOWEVER, give a paint colour with a high LRV a TON of light and it will wash-out – you’ll lose it entirely. Your email address will not be published. There is a lot of discussion about how north facing and south facing affect LRV. Chris & Tim Garlisch, Well what a fabulous comment to get – hooray! Interior Color: LRV provides a reference as to how light or dark a color could look and feel once up on all the walls. Now curious if I should paint the ceiling and trim white or an off-white or something else? Thanks and Happy New Year, Hi Sandy, it sounds to me like Accessible Beige could work well for you as it is lovely with oak cabinets and dark wood flooring!

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