low humming noise in house

Scientists have confirmed the cause of a strange humming noise that emanates from the Earth and has baffled people for more than forty years – and was even a factor in one reported suicide. So, the water pressure issue as posted above seems like it could be the problem. The noise is pretty much constant. The lines under invetigation are high pressure interstate, rangeing from 24 to larger than 36 inch, at pressures from 600 psig to 1400 psig. You really nailed it again amigo continue the very good work I usually get excitement from your own posts: This dam HUM sounds just like an idling diesel. If they say no, leave it alone, If yes, open discussions and let me know. What if you go out in the wilderness miles from any civilization and Gas Lines and still hear the Hum? Humming or buzzing noises from a lighting fixture could point to a loose wire as well—but with lights, there’s a good chance that something else is to blame. Steve, I think you are 100% correct that it is the natural gas lines causing this humming noise for thousands of Americans to deal with and it can be extremely annoying and even effect your well-being and health. It started when I had some drywall repaired and the outlet/cable TV covers on the interior walls had been removed. It almost sounds like someone is sitting outside my house with their truck running or their bass turned up. Susan/ Elyza- First off there are many theories out there, but the one my little Brookfield CT group is onto is changes made to the NatGas ditribution systems, espescially the ones pushing gas into the changing NE market from oil/ coal to NG. The reason for early morning high hum levles may have to do with the time the transmission companies need to push the next days gas supplies to be ready for teh next days user demands. Were a bunch of volunteers plus starting a brand new scheme inside our area. Some people can hear frequencies down into the low range, when most others can not. Drives me nuts. I read thru many posts and think there is may something to the theory of water pressure in a nearby town. We live in the mountains in Pennsylvania. http://bit.ly/rCEfXp You will be suprised how easy they are to fix. we just have to get this raised to the level of an investigation with the gov’t. – ILFN (hum) depending on geology, water bodies and intensity/ peak to peak fluctuations can travel tens of miles and likely 100’s (like taos from alberqerque). I hear it outside also. I hear it at the family homestead that sits on a quiet river out in the wilderness too. The trend of warmer weather this winter vs last the hum is less harsh this year. Anyway. Hopefully, my immune system will save me this trip! I also live in Southern Ca (Fontana) and have the same humming noise! Am getting the water main to the house checked out. I first starting hearing it when I moved into my first house. Still it’s no solution. 3. Since about early Nov we began hearing a low bass-type humming noise. As it worsens time will probably expose this issue from others than me. The style of homes we have had also seem to escalate the problems due to the vaulted ceilings. Check your heater’s manual for specific instructions, but typically the procedure involves shutting off the water and electricity to the water heater (even gas- and oil-fueled heaters use electricity for ignition), attaching a hose to its drain spigot near the base, running the other end of the hose to a drain, then opening the drain valve. If you do you’ll have to send me some vegimite. The mountain behind our house does have main power lines coming across the mountain and traveling northward along the mountain. Still can’t figure out why that was so, as the noise/vibration started up days after we moved in. Have you seen the posts from Sofie down the page a ways? I shall try any suggestions that anyone offers and hope something works. l live on the 16th floor in a high rise flat in glasgow and have lived with this constant 24/7 buzzing noise in my 2 bedrooms but not the living room. Search on the New Haven Register- Brookfield Homeowner fears….”. Who can I call about this. Answered 1 month ago Through Wi-Fi capability ! I have the attorney general of CT, FERC , etc. If bricks are coming loose, you might need a brick mason, which could cost hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on what’s needed. Barbara; you might want to check out the Palm Beach post about “natural gas revolution” in Fl. Recently electrical or magnetic frequencies due to Wi-Fi or cell phone masts has been mentioned to me as an additional cause of the buzzing. It is unbearable. I don’t know what to do, I’d love to confirm the hum with other people in my area. It gets much worse at night. The uncle gets warm a preserved dragon. It always leaves us with a major headache. I have never called the gas company, because I think it will be a lost battle as one of your other posters mentioned. And with a 98% accuracy of over 400 points, it is holding up. You won’t hear it outside and expect that 95% of the people you ask if they hear it, won’t. It’s a more power appliance than we had before.

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