loading in production planning and control

Calculation of total cost and per unit cost production is primarily the job of costing department, but still cost estimates pertaining to direct material, direct labour, direct expenses and indirect expenses and overheads must be prepared by the production department. An efficient system of production planning and control helps in providing better and more economic goods to customers at a lower investment. Production planning and control is one of the most important phases of production management, it is, as a matter of fact, the nervous system of a manufacturing organization. 6. For conducting inspection, specialised laboratories may be set up. If production planning is defective, production control is bound to be adversely affected. This can be worked out by knowing accurately about the machines and their layout. —James C. Lundy. are factors which harm the implementation of production planning and control. This includes the complete study with regard to quality, quantity, kind and grade of materials required. Therefore, production planning and control should be considered an integrated function of planning to ensure the most efficient production and regulation of operations to execute the plans successfully. The process of production planning and control is expected to keep a constant check on operations by judging the performance of various individuals and workshops and taking suitable corrective measures if there is any deviation between planned and actual operations. In case of mass production industries, where uniform products of same size, colour and design etc., are produced, manufacturing schedules can be easily prepared. The effectiveness of production planning and control is sometimes limited because of external factors which are beyond the control of production manager, Sudden break-out of war, government control, natural calamities, change in fashion, change in technology, etc. (b) Analysis of the article so as to know what sorts of materials are needed for producing the article or product. Thus, production planning and control involve planning, routing, scheduling, dispatching and expediting to coordinate the movements of materials, machines, and manpower as to the quantity, quality, time and place. Route sheets also indicate the sequence of operations to be undertaken and also contain various requirements of production viz., men, materials and machinery etc. It seeks to ensure the availability of all the inputs i.e. and customers orders. The important information contained in this schedule relates to name, number of the product, quantity to be produced each day, week or any other stipulated time. in other MRP system. After the completion of work, all tools, implements, drawings and charts etc., to be returned to respective issuing departments. Following steps are undertaken in discharging the function of dispatching’: 1. Issuing materials from stores to different production processes. It also aims at satisfying customers requirements by producing the items as per the specifications or desires of the customers. Production planning and control may be responsible for creating rigidity in the working of the plant. The main objective of routing is to lay down the best and the most economical sequence of operations to be undertaken in the process of production. 5. On the other hand, follow-up under process layout is difficult to carry on account of scattered departments. It seeks to ensure the delivery of products on time by coordinating the production operations with customers’ orders. ADVERTISEMENTS: Production Planning and Control: Meaning, Characteristics and Objectives! All rights reserved by Asprova Corporation . Inputs are made available as per schedule which ensures even flow of production without any bottlenecks. Customers satisfaction leads to increased sales, increased profits, industrial harmony and, ultimately, the good public image of the enterprise. It provides information to the management regularly about the present position of all orders in process, equipment and personnel requirements for the next few weeks. Facilities are used more effectively and inventory levels are kept as per schedule neither more nor less. Production planning and control are based on certain assumptions or forecasts about the availability of inputs like materials, power, equipment, etc. Plant, machinery, equipment and tools used in production may also be inspected. Just in Time, which is impossible It is based upon the adage of “first plan your work and then work your plan”. It aims at minimum investment in inventories consistent with the continuous flow of production. The production planning and control try to ensure that the schedules to be issued to the various departments/ units/supervisors are in coordination with the master schedule. The above mentioned definitions clearly lay down that routing is concerned with the selection of the most economical and appropriate path for the product in the process of final completion from raw material to finished product. A separate planning department is established in the organisation which is responsible for the preparation of policies and plans with regard to production to be undertaken in due course. Dispatching relates to the process of initiating production in accordance with pre-conceived production plan.

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