how to assemble drawers

Insert the 1/4" drawer … The front will be covered by the false drawer … (See instructions above.) Be sure to keep the lower nail above the grooves you cut, so you don’t get into the space for the drawer … Position the first two pieces with the dovetails aligned and tap the dovetail joints together at the corners of one side (Image 1). Either way, don’t worry about the screws on the front or back of your drawer. • If using Back Stop Pins, put one in the back of the left and right top runners of … • Assemble the bottom frame, omitting the Top L-Crossbars. To assemble the drawer box, first apply a small amount of glue to each of the dovetail joints. (Avoid getting glue into the dado grooves.) And then go ahead and glue and nail the other side board, to the other end of the back piece. Nail in 3 brads. I use enough glue to make quite a bit of squeeze out, just because I think it helps make the finished drawer more stable. If it’s for a piece of furniture or cabinet in a more important room in the house, you might want to make the drawers look pretty. • Assemble the top frame completely.

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