goldfinches have disappeared

I realize your goldfinches are a different species and may not behave the same way, but from what I learned in a bird biology course this behavior may have to do with evolution. It will be interesting doing the Bird Watch. 5. The question as to where they went is probably a complex one and the answer is probably not so simple either. Right now they may have enough natural food with grasses and plants all going to seed, so they’re not at your feeder as much as they were earlier. Through summer the finches switch between pecking thistle-seeds and nibbling sunflower leaves, and later they add… Discussion. Wherever you live in the United States you are likely to have American Goldfinches visit your backyard at some time during the year. In 2014 I had practically no goldfinches all summer — this year I still have tons of them, and they’re still begging for more nyjer seed. We always have many, many goldfinch. Goldfinches are the heartbreakers of backyard birdfeeding. I have many different types of feeders. This week it’s only females. 11 January 2012. It’s perfectly normal for those little yellow guys. Since I added that comment, I’m still seeing quite a few goldfinches at my feeder, but they’re hardly touching the nyjer seed I have out for them in the tube feeder. Therefore, it’s recommended that you stop serving the Nyjer seed, store that particular feeder until the winter and instead start serving black oil sunflower seeds and sunflower hearts. I also believe there is more going on with pesticides …look at the honey bee population. Share. We live near Chicago and our winter was very harsh, but they were still here! I don’t know what happened, but this is the first time in the 20+ years we’ve lived here. I keep hoping they’ll be back. Share. There were many this past fall. I live in south central Pa. My finches were eating like nyjer seed was going out of style all summer, and then they stopped for about a month. They are GONE! We have to remember that our feeders really offer a supplement to birds’ diets, not their entire food supply. Hi Wondering! So I grabbed my phone to take their picture. Dave. I’m concerned. We plant black oil and other varieties of sunflowers and can barely get seed back from them when the finch move in to devour them. We had thistle seed out for them and they were eating so much I was having to fill it every day. They never went near the Nyjer sock…they fed only from the hulled sunflower feeder. Have you cleaned your feeder at all? What we’re actually seeing are male goldfinches that are into their annual molt. I have only seen one at the feeder this fall. I even threw away 50 dollars of nyjer seed for fresh… and nothing. Southern IL. Always had plenty. I too miss the goldfinches. Could they somehow be responsible? sunflower seeds and hope that brings them back. Thanks Heidi! I've been feeding goldfinches for several years and in summer I can have up to about 15 sitting round the feeders and bringing their young to feed. The author does a great job explaining the various reasons that might cause you to not be seeing goldfinches at your feeders for a while. Will try fresh niger seed in a new sock and see if that helps. They breed across the northern half and also southern Canada. I hope it’s not a bad sign environmentally. The goldfinch harvest from those plants every morning, right in front of the window. What to do!? Often, there are natural reasons for this though and there is nothing sinister at work. They don’t seem to have much interest. I hope everyone gets to see them this year. Still Happy they Finally Showed up. Lesser Goldfinches (Spinus psaltria) Decline These fussy little birds have been common around my house for years. Your email address will not be published. This happened over a month ago. Flag. I noticed the decline in the early spring. A few house finches but no sign of my pretty yellow boys. . Also have missed my goldfinches. As with all other birds, goldfinches both like and need water, making it a good idea to offer bathing and drinking options to attract them to your yard as well. I did feed them some nyger seed in the winter, but quit when spring came (and the price went up!). Essexville, Mi. We had a lot of yellow finches, they have completely gone. We are in southern Wisconsin and also have lost our finches for the past two years. I had over 25 goldfinches and now they are all gone!!! Chickadees have never been a problem here in Middle TN. 5. What happened? And my cat sprawls on the window sill to watch them feed, just a few inches away, on the other side of the glass. Flag. I’d like to hear from those who actually have them on their feeders and their locations. Sun came out for a short time. This is going on year two of no goldfinches at our feeders. Im so HAPPY its been 2 years since I saw them last. There were only a few pairs in the Spring/Summer last year too. One year you have dozens and the next year just a couple. American Goldfinches are common birds across the United States. 0. This is a question that we hear often at the store this time of year.Goldfinches nest later than many other birds in our area. Cardinals are just as numerous as usual. My favorite feature of this article is his a graphic that shows how the plumage change from month to month. I’m upset they’re gone. I had finches all summer and all last winter. And, another very strange thing … I have not seen any finches since early August … they have just disappeared! Now,October, and I haven’t seen any for a month. When they establish their territories, they don’t allow other pairs in that area. There definately has to be something wrong or different to cause my gorgeous goldfinches’ disappearance. Have searched online for answers and found nothing. WHERE HAVE THEY GONE ? Again, my feeder is clean and my seed is fresh. I usually have goldfinches in my garden, about 2 weeks ago they stopped coming. I too use to get many goldfinches but in the past three years now I only see one or two per season. We had thistle seed out for them and they were eating so much I was having to fill it every day. Used to average about 20-25 daily. Tried everything recommend. From southern Indiana….we are worried about the Goldfinch also…..we miss those beautiful birds and there cherry song….have cleaned the feeders and got fresh nyger…we’ll see what happens…..we have been told they are busy caring for their babies…hope they come back. It is now mid december in 2014 and I have yet to see any Goldfinch on my feeders that in the past year fed over 25 birds at a time. This does happen from time to time — I am confident that they’ll be back. Now I can home to Florida since I seen my babies. They are considered to be fairly nomadic little birds, and will move on if they find a good source of naturally occurring food. I live in rural northern Kentucky where there are lots of trees and fields. I still have my purple finches and other little finches, but at the beginning of spring the gold finches were here and now they have been gone for quite some time. Its a horrible day. It’s funny how we take things for granted, but when you don’t see them, it’s very sad. I had dozens of finches at a time (all varieties) on my nyger socks and sunflower seed feeders. We had a lot of yellow finches, they have completely gone. We’ve gotten quite a few calls recently from anxious birders who are worried about a lack of goldfinches visiting their Nyjer seed feeders. Goldfinches can be so unpredictable. Photo: (December, 2004) I fed goldfinches with this thistle seed feeder for several years, but it was so hard to clean I switched to a bag made by my friend Sheila. Same here in Oklahoma. Have been gone now for about 3 years. Judging by the comments above from the different parts of the North American and eastern seaboard, it is not just a regional problem but a continental problem. Not as many showed up. I’m in central New Jersey and very curious indeed. Where are they? I live in California (Central Coast) and we used to have 100s at a time. By Donna Frogge [1 Post] Category Birds & Bird Houses. At least they did. Hi Jan, In September, the goldfinches grow a completely new set of feathers–their winter coats. I found a wonderful article from the St. Paul MN Audubon Society that you might find helpful. There is definetely something going on with the gold finch population in central MA. The annual plumage cycle of a male American Goldfinch. Where have my Goldfinches gone? This year I have had only maybe five or six and recently maybe only two or three. My gold finches have been gone about two years. Wishing you plenty of goldfinches at your feeder soon! I always keep my feeder clean and I make sure that my nyjer seed is fresh and not dried out. Or should I keep the feeders full in case they return? Chaffinches seem to have vanished as well. American Goldfinches are more regular migrators than most of the finch family, but their numbers do vary greatly from year to year.

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