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By SerialX, January 13, 2015 in ... part of my decision for which Grand Company to join will be based on how their armour set looks. Does anyone have any images on how they look? I think someone mentioned to me that I should use bits of the Flame Elite gear to get a more Samurai look for Chachan's armor. Then I got the dyable SCH war jacket, painted that white, and started using the poetics gloves and boots. It was through these companiesthat the then warring city-states were able to put aside their bitter differences and join together to form an alliance and ensurethe realm survived. I moved Aris from Adders to Flames ICly, but might find some reason to shuffle her over to Maelstorm because their gear is awesome. Thanks for the help! ". Unless you're talking about the stuff you buy with hunt seals, since there's a GC list for each one of THOSE as well. Grand Companies are organizations that players will join at around level 20 by completing the main story quests. And yellow, naturally, for all of the sets. I had a look at the Lodestone (I didn't even know they had an item database as well), and now I'm conflicted. It's not going to suit all characters, but the way the pauldrons and gauntlets of the tank gear (clicky) are made to look like treebark and such happens to suit mine. It requires a little more searching through, but more people upload photos there than on xivdb. This category has only the following subcategory. I used them and the gloves for the longest time on Gogonji for that proper "Military Tactician." A limited number of Grand Company Quests can, or must, be undertaken throughout the game. Stylin'.   Your previous content has been restored. Lets you trade in green and red gear. Soooo how do you turn in gear to your Grand Company. With the recent attacks by the Garlean Empire seen as an imminent threat to the realm, there have been scattered talks ofrestoring the Grand Companies to their former glory, but conflicting agendas on all sides have slowed progress. You can look at all available items by visiting the appropriate vendors, and its also not that hard to change GCs (you can change every two weeks, the first is free, all others cost 50K gil), but your rank is separate in each GC. There's actually some other pieces - weapons and shields, bits of sub-50 gear for both combat and crafting - but they don't really have a full set per se. Those who strive to continuously be the best asset for their respective army will be rewarded in the shape of rank promotion, unlocking more rewards and benefits from the Quartermaster NPC.". IT SUCKS". Definitely try and find some pictures of them before making a choice. Initially, players can hold a max of 10,000 seals, but as they progress in ranks, they can hold a maximum of 90,000 seals. However I seem to be having some issues with finding images of them, aside from the 'regular' ones. With me being a bit appearance-obsessed (MMOs are the best games of dress-up ever made), part of my decision for which Grand Company to join will be based on how their armour set looks. All Rights Reserved. Company seals are the main currency used within the Grand Companies. Does anyone have any images on how they look? 'serpent' for Twin Adder related gear. Yes, it's not heavy armour, and that's because in the time period Eorzea is analogous too, regular soldiers were not donned up in plate. Some of these other "sets" will match, but are just recolors of existing models that you can get elsewhere. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. I think Expert Delivery is unlocked at Second Sergeant rank for whichever Grand Company you signed on with. I'm going to have to think on this some more. Preferably for the non-tank melee classes. Some gear has pictures that people have uploaded for a better look. (Big surprise, right?) - Scarlet Lancer Field Marshal Ealdic the Pious. Everyone else is all 100% wrong  !!1. Certain Weapons and Armor can be exchanged for Company Seals by talking to the Personnel Officer associated with your Grand Company. For Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "How do I trade in items for Seals at Grand Company". this includes when you start getting allied seals company gear. × These are the field uniforms that the Grand Company soldiers wear to battle. Unlocking this requires doing 5 different Command Missions.   Your link has been automatically embedded. Where can I find the goblin merchant for the Drybone leves quest? The following 5 pages are in this category, out of 5 total. "You know this 100 hour game we just got 2 hours into? January 13, 2015 in FFXIV Discussion. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. The only exception to that are in the weapons. Gamer Escape: Gaming News, Reviews, Wikis, and Podcasts, Hunting Log: Order of the Twin Adder Rank 1, Hunting Log: Order of the Twin Adder Rank 2, https://ffxiv.gamerescape.com/w/index.php?title=Category:Grand_Companies&oldid=1486334, Expert Delivery. There are multiple ways to acquire Grand Company seals: "Arduous work, stalwart dedication, and a display of unrelenting perseverance within each city-state Grand Company is never overlooked. SerialX, Turning in a HQ item will not increase the amount of seals earned. By performing various tasks for your chosen Grand Company, you can obtain new ranks within the company, allowing you to perform more difficult tasks, hold more seals, and purchase better items from the quartermaster. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. The GC hunt sets are some of the best looking armors in the game, imo. Are you sure it isn't materials? These quests typically unlock various optional content, such as: Participation in the PvP duty Frontline is undertaken based on Grand Company allegiance. Also the lodestone itself has quality item database. :love: I personally love the Flames allied seals set. I left the flames because their allied gear was ugly xPP. I'm totally in love with the maelstrom's DoW coat. Upload or insert images from URL. Promotions can be earned with a special currency cal… Certain Weapons and Armor can be exchanged for Company Seals by talking to the Personnel Officer associated with your Grand Company. Your first mistake was not joining the Maelstrom. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. A lot of the really neat GC gear isn't available until you've opened up hunts at level 50. The GCs do all have a nice collection of weapons many of which you will not find elsewhere, and are not simple re-skins of other companies weapons. Everything else is a hodgepodge of mismatched pieces, some of which look really cool and thematically appropriate. I can’t say I’ve ever farmed Company Seals with this, so I have no experience with this item myself. That random hodgepodge has some neat and uniquely colored pieces, so they are worth a look when making outfitd, just nothing to call a set. Clear editor. However I seem to be having some issues with finding images of them, aside from the 'regular' ones. Talk to the provisioning officer, IIRC, and choose the top option. I'm having the same problem now haha. They have leves where they ask you for certain mats, ie bronze bars, crafted stuff like rivets ect, in exchange for exp and guild seals. Using the advanced search and typing in keyboards related to the GC will should help eg. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. The Soldier's uniform (purchase with GC Seals), The Officer's uniform (purchase with GC Seals), The Elite Tank gear (purchase with Allied Seals), The Elite DoW gear (purchase with Allied Seals), The Elite DoM gear (purchase with Allied Seals). 8-). Your grand company's Personnel Officer will request specific items based on your Disciple of the Hand and Disciple of the Land levels at the start of that day. In order to redeem items for seals, you must have reached Sergeant Second Class in your grand company. LOOK AT MY SIGNATURE! If you go on xivdb > database > items > company you can see related armour and weapons. Preferably for the non-tank melee … There are three grand companies, The Maelstrom from Limsa Lominsa, The Immortal Flames from Ul'dah, and The Order of the Twin Adder from Gridania.Grand Companies are divided into numerous ranks, with players starting at the lowest rank of Private Third Class.   You cannot paste images directly. These are used to purchase key items, medicines, weapons, and armor, some of which are unique to each company, as well as to advance in company ranks. Lots of tanned leather and fur. Soooo how do you turn in gear to your Grand Company. Can also look in your Timers menu to see the list, though you have to talk to the guy at the counter to actually turn stuff in.

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