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General Teen Social Media & Technology Stats. Text: Hitesh Raj Bhagat, ET bureau You can't argue with the relentless march of technology but you can marvel at some of the absurdities from the past few decades. Technology is the sum of all of the knowledge that we have to process actions, create tools, and use materials throughout each day. They spend more than $3 billion per year on digital content. Technology is everywhere in education: Public schools in the United States now provide at least one computer for every five students. An adjustable alarm clock was not created for another 60 years. The takeaway: Bringing the web to those billions of people without it should provide ample growth for telecoms and wireless carriers for years. Home » fastfacts » Technology fast facts. Every new form of technology gets into the market together with long term consequences that are most of … You are using technology to read this content right now. 4. We use technology to plant a garden. The coming in of new types of technology also results in a negative impact on the growth of the economy at times; television at times consumes all the productive hours that a man has in a day. By hard drive, we mean something that used magnetic disks - a moving head was used to access and write that data. Technology fast facts. 12 weird but true facts about technology It was 1956 when IBM launched RAMAC, the first computer with something like a hard drive that we use today. In this blog, we have compiled a list of 13 fun facts about technology that you may not know. ~ Tech Stat #2: It’s All About Mobile The first alarm clock was designed for one person and could only go off at 4am – when they had to get up and get ready for work. 160 billion emails are sent daily, 97% of which are spam. 93% of teens ages 12-17 go online; 69% of teens have their own computer; 63% of teen internet users go online every day; 27% of teens use their phone to get online; 24% of teens with a game console use it to go online; 73% of teens are on a social network; The average teen has 201 Facebook friends ET rounds up a bunch of facts and anecdotes that sound so ridiculous, you'll question their authenticity. Technology can help save the planet… The World Economic Forum just released its annual 2016 Global Risks Report, ranking climate change as No. Spam generates 33bn KWt-hours of energy every year, enough to power 2.4 million homes, producing 17 million tons of CO2.. 9 out of every 1,000 computers are infected with spam. It is a term which has multiple meanings based on the subject matter being discussed. Technology helps us to sleep at night, receive medical care, and cook food.

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