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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Get our Egg, Cheese, and Chive Tartlets recipe. Their taste is slightly pungent, but milder than other matured onions. Used raw, green onions/scallions add a bit of texture, color, and a milder taste to your cooking than regular onions, as in this guacamole recipe. It is mostly used as a herb. Get our Scallion Pancake with Egg and Pork Floss recipe. Alternatively, try storing them in a paper bag or jar and placing them in a dry, cool location for a few weeks to dry them out naturally. This article is based on scientific evidence, written by experts and fact checked by our trained editorial staff. Leeks, shallots, garlic and chives are all also closely related and share a similar set of nutrients and health benefits. Do you know the difference between scallions vs green onions vs chives? While both chive and scallion leaves are long and hollow, chives are thinner than scallions. However, different recipes call for different species and, therefore, knowing the differences between these two delightful ingredients can be very useful when it comes to the culinary arts. Incorporating the right culinary herbs in the right amount can bring that unique flavor in food recipes. But how similar are they—and are they interchangeable? Yes, identifying them and their specific flavor will help you in choosing the flavor required for a dish. Chives can grow to be about 12–24 inches tall and can be harvested either before or after they’ve finished flowering. Growing chives in your own garden is  a great way to take advantage of the multitude of benefits that the chives plant has to offer. This recipe takes scallion pancake from classic Dim Sum supporting character to the star, filled with egg and pork floss (a fluffy dried pork product). From chips and dip to one-bite apps, finger foods are the perfect way to kick off a party. 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So, next time when you go grocery shopping, try identifying these flavorful culinary herbs without looking at the labels. Chive plants are very hardy and can be grown easily in a herb or vegetable garden. Scallions are young onions that are related to garlic, leeks, shallots, and chives. The clip takes up almost the whole side of the knife. Twice Baked Potatoes With Fontina and Chives image, | When paired with a variety of other healthy foods, even just one tablespoon can help bump up your intake of vitamin K, vitamin C and vitamin A to help you meet your daily nutrient needs. This means that you need to make sure that you are using each one properly to enjoy all of the smells and delightful flavor that they will provide. Read Next: 11 Ashwagandha Benefits for the Brain, Thyroid and Even Muscles (!). While both scallions and chives are alliums, they are different species and will bring different flavors to your cooking. For instance, you’ll often find chives on baked potatoes, omelets, and soups. If you are among those who are not sure about these veggies, we will help you in clearing your doubts. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. “Chives are a completely different species, Allium schoenoprasum,” McNeal says.Thin, more delicate chives add oniony flavor (with a tiny hint of garlic) without having to put big chunks in your dish, like in these soft-scrambled-egg and prosciutto bundles.Common chives are also good raw as a garnish over things like deviled eggs.. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. They’re not the same thing, but—in a pinch—scallions can be used in place of chopped onions in a recipe. Chives, though a flavorful herb, lose their flavor when cooked. Avoid any that are soft, wilting or have an uneven, dull color. Grow Your OwnThese Herbs and Vegetables are 100 Percent Worth PlantingThere’s a certain subset of onions, long and slender that ombre from a white root up to long green stems that are usually sold in bunches and especially abundant in spring. Although both forms can be beneficial, some nutrients may be lost during the drying process, so it’s best to opt for fresh whenever possible to maximize the potential health benefits. Needless to say, both the leaf and bulb of scallions are tender. Chives are grown for their scapes and are known as one of the “fine herbs” of French cuisine and are known for their mild flavour. Chives are widely available at most supermarkets and health food stores, typically in the produce section. Even though chives tend to be grouped with green onions and scallions, they are a completely different species. The Kitchen Revival is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. ), How to Cook Turkey Breast (Plus Benefits, Nutrition & Side Effects), Fenugreek Seeds for Digestion, Metabolic Syndrome & More. The immature cepa has a stronger flavor than the fistulosum. The plants grow to a height of approximately 30-50 cm, with leaves measuring about 50 cm in length. 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