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In Season Three, she convinced Hordak that Entrapta, who he had begun to show feelings for, had betrayed him. Catra Applesauce Meowmeow. Prime had Catra bound and brought before him where he accused her of treachery and promised to find Glimmer and She-Ra. Use your arrow keys to move the tiles. In season 5 Catra finally starts to do the right thing. He then told Catra to get the information from Glimmer. In their brief encounter in "Flutterina", Catra tries to taunt Adora after trapping her but quickly retreats when Adora manages to overcome her traps. The ground was covered in dry grass. Species As were Catra and Adora. Returning to the Fright Zone, only to be attacked by Shadow Weaver, and hearing that Adora was right about the dangers of Hordak's plan to open a portal, and it makes her snap, causing her to attack Entrapta and lie to Hordak to get the portal open, despite it meaning suicide for her and the destruction of everyone and everything on the planet. In "In the Shadows of Mystacor", Catra is summoned by Shadow Weaver to stand guard outside her sanctum while the latter uses her magic to go after Adora. I have just been busy and haven't been able to use my laptop to type. If anyone has questions about “She-Ra: Protectors of the Universe” you can pm me. When she was teleported onto his ship, she spoke up and informed him about the Heart of Etheria in order to convince him to spare Glimmer and not destroy the planet. Wiki. Register Start a Wiki. While Prime did wiped out all life on the planet, leaving Melog the last of it's kind he could not defend against it's magic and so he fled, covering up his failure. Unfortunately Frosta saw Catra and punched her with an ice-coated fist , but before Frosta could attack again Adora vouched for Catra saying she was the Rebellion now. Nicknames (aka) She turns against Adora in The Sword: Part 2 and progressively gets worse as the series goes on, eventually getting to the point of nearly ending the world. Just as the Horde is about to destroy Bright Moon the other Princesses arrived to turn the tide of the Battle. Catra reunites with Adora, they touch foreheads as Adora confirms Horde Prime was gone for good which Catra was very happy about. Entrapta detected a life form and Adora decided that they should search for it, making Catra point out that the plan was to barge into the rickety spire to contact an unknown person in the vague hope they can help defeat Prime. Everyone fled Mystacor for their base. Some people have a bad day, I've had a bad life. Having learned of the First Ones virus disc which Entrapta restored, Catra uses it to infect Adora. Seeing her friends in distress she summoned She-Ra, accepted the fail-safe and bound Micah and the two sorcerers. Status Saying it outside of the text doesnt really count. As they look through the wreckage of Hordak's citadel, Scorpia attacks them. After escaping spikes that shot out of the walls, Entrapta told them the being they were looking for was close by. Due to her precarious situation and feeling more alone than ever, Catra risks Prime's displeasure by speaking to Glimmer, as she is the only connection she presently has to Etheria. During a heated argument, when Adora revealed that she never hated Catra even after everything that she did, Catra called her a fool and told her to get out. I love you. She then uses the former to threaten Bright Moon into surrendering. Occupation These feelings, twisted with the hurt and betrayal from Adora's defection and otherwise, no companionship from anyone else, would prove to be the catalysts for Catra's claw to power. In Season 4, she has guilt-inducing nightmares about what she had done to her, but she went with the lie until the truth was revealed. After discovering Prime may have a weakness on the planet Krytis thanks to Wrong Hordak; the crew visits the planet. Upon reaching the Crystal of Arxia, Shadow Weaver explains that the fail safe is a code which was stored inside inside the crystal and instructed Adora to open it with the password "Friends of Mara". Eventually, she is seen pointing a stun gun at Scorpia, treating her more like a subordinate, trying to suppress anything she sees within her as weak (i.e. Or their child, Finn Applecake Meowmeow, will think of this, Noelle said (jokingly, I assume) that Catra's last name is "Meowmeow", and Rae Geiger said that her middle name is "Applesauce",, More posts from the PrincessesOfPower community. Honestly I can’t believe that lately Michaeng was been so fuckin active like y'all going to stun their OFF CAM BEHAVIORS. Show-runner Noelle Stevenson said on her livestream that Catra was found in a box by Adora when they were very young. But Micah showed up with two other chipped sorcerers and a fight erupted. Allies First Ones Sigil She shows genuine guilt for her terrible deeds and strives to redeem herself. After Hordak bought the lie they continued with trying to open the portal. When two tiles with the same image of Catra Applesauce Meowmeow … Shadow Weaver then tried, and failed, to drive a wedge between Adora and Catra by falsely claiming that her friendship, her love was what was preventing her from being able to summon She-Ra. Horde Prime summoned Catra to his throne room to ask her about an ancient ship that he discovered leaving Etheria. Alive Catra is forced by Shadow Weaver to return Adora to the Fright Zone, But in doing so, the Horde attacks a civilian town. More posts from the PrincessesOfPower community. Catra orders Scorpia to find Entrapta's notes. Double Trouble then used Hordak's form to torment Catra with the painful truth about why everyone left her. Adora tried to comfort her and said Entrapta could remove it, however, Catra told Adora to leave her alone and to drop her off on the nearest planet. Because they all liked Adora, Catra always felt second-best and therefore harbored resentful feelings towards them and her former friend. In the episode "White Out", Adora gets the upper hand on Catra, although Catra doesn't seem particularly bothered, expressing the belief that Adora won't strike her. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Starting out as a cadet in the Horde, Catra was soon promoted to the rank of Force Captain and eventually served as Hordak's second in command. However, Catra's rage, anger, and sadness began to weigh heavily on her despite achieving multiple military victories over the Princess Alliance and thanks to the psychoanalysis of the treacherous Double Trouble, she became dejected with herself and confronted her own inner struggles and question her motivations. Glimmer begged Catra to resist Prime, pointing out that Adora was on her way and if Prime used the Heart of Etheria, he would destroy the universe. No ifs, no plausible deniability. She tried to contact Scorpia multiple times but got frustrated as she didn't get a reply. she asked Catra to leave, but Catra refuses and stays with her. She has burgundy and black leggings, which open to show the back of her legs mid-thigh. However, when Double Trouble reveals to Hordak the truth about Entrapta's supposed betrayal, Hordak tries to kill Catra. Additionally, she's seen with two belts that cross over each other, the thicker of the pair sporting the Horde symbol, and, as the show progresses, we see her sport the Force Captain pin on her shirt over her heart. Although the two girls return to the Fright Zone, Catra is asked by her friend to cover for her while she sneaks out. Booster Packs. Catra being saved from falling off of a cliff during a fight with Adora. It had been a month since the defeat of Horde Prime.

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