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Password: (Student ID) Via the Web: To obtain your e-mail address via the web, you will need Internet If you have questions contact the e-mail Help Line at 718/677-6180 Step by Step Instructions: Using A POP Mail Press Enter or click on the words "Click Here", THIS WILL TAKE YOU TO MS EXCHANGE WHERE YOU RETRIEVE & SEND MAIL, 3., Instructions for getting your student e-mail address, How to retrieve your email via the internet, Using a Mail Program (such as Netscape Communicator) to How to retrieve your email via the internet Brooklyn College opened its doors to the international students 20 years ago. Internet access and either of the following browsers: Netscape 3.0 + or MIE 3.02+. 0��a�bFyA �� zwݲ !q^�% )�UpR�brQ�k q�} their personal e-mail address. you would enter the following under incoming mail:, Under POP3 Account Name list: Please follow the steps below:, Enter Student ID (Social Security #) visit the Atrium Student Lab (1306 Plaza Building) or call (718) 951-5787. and send mail. ... Email Address: Web Page: Amoo, Taiwo Associate Professor 509 Whitehead Hall 718.951.5000 x2075 : Web Page 1. You can configure most POP mail clients to retrieve and send e-mail from your BC password whenever you log in to receive mail. Access Your BC Mail Account information to access your BC e-mail account. Exchange Domain/Your E-mail ID (in this case BCACAD/student). Every student registered for at least one course for credit in a degree program is automatically 2900 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11210 or send e-mail to, 1. h�lR�j�@��y/������Bۇ*� >D]�BL$���}gw��V�0��3gN�QM�3�Q�4F#�u[[��%�g�t�~�32)��֕�X��pL�(;��Mݏ��y5PT�0.��X�b�*�q��o��8X��'���aRTnӺp���$����mV��J^�sŴd���;�#��� �^Y�}Ӓ��`ԑ�+��z�x��oBy] on faculty and staff at Brooklyn College. (bcmail02; 03; etc.) All Rights Reserved Brooklyn College the email programs "options" "account" or "preferences" access (on-campus or from home) and must use one of the following browsers: Netscape 3.0 + To do this you will need: Your E-mail ID (alias or username) The Brooklyn College directory provides phone, location, e-mail and web page information on faculty and staff at Brooklyn College. All students should have received a letter indicating Web URL:, [To retrieve your mail via the Internet, log into the http address listed after Web (not necessary if you are happy with the way of getting email described in step 2), 1. messages from the server. 0 If you did not receive or have lost your letter, you may account from a terminal and retrieve and send your e-mail. Your Mail Server Name (bcmail02, 03, etc.) If you are working from home, you may wish to remove the Enter PIN # (issued by Registrar) 2. For example, if your e-mail address is on mail server bcmail02, then BCMAIL02; 03) The Brooklyn College directory provides phone, location, e-mail and web page information You may conveniently access your e-mail from campus or home via the For example, if or Eudora (Tools/Options/Getting Started) you can set the mail client to retrieve or call the e-mail hotline at 718/677-6180 (Monday-Friday 9-5). Every effort has been made to publish a complete and accurate listing of full-time members of the Brooklyn College …

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