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- Reports speed Binom was created for the most demanding of professionals. Use as many additional domains for your campaigns as you need. In some cases, we can extend trial up to 30 days upon request to support. Including city, connection type and proxy. It came out pretty good! Of course. Binom knows how to send a click to a landing page that a user has not seen yet, and to which offer the user has not yet converted. I previously used iMobiTrax, Voluum, Adsbridge. But if traffic counts up to millions clicks per day (for example, when working with pop-traffic), costs can differ up to ten times. We don’t have all the disadvantages other trackers have, such as unstable code base, slow redirects on high volumes, loss of clicks (even while generating statistics), slow report generation. Binom helps you can get better traffic from your traffic sources. Which is the most important for me. Opportunity to open particular groups or individual campaigns, offers or landing pages individually for each user. For dbinom a saddle-point expansion is used: see. Kachitvichyanukul, V. and Schmeiser, B. W. (1988) Set up instead of Funnel Flux and can’t get enough of it. The length of the result is determined by n for Our tracker includes all TDS functions as well as additional powerful analytic tools, that makes our product much more difficult to develop. Base of your own lands and offers that could be added to new campaign in 1 click. - Redirects speed That does not mean it has to be complicated. Intuitive cloaking setting. 2) If you have web-panel, then you need to install: All sections are thought out to the last detail. Working with other trackers you can fail to create successful campaigns due to losing ROI. The average response time of our support is 2 minutes. Binom can detect device type, IP (including ranges), carrier and connection type. I thought after flux visual, I won’t get used to campaigns creating, but Binom is not even bit worse in this area. You will always know exactly how Binom distributes your traffic. rbinom, and is the maximum of the lengths of the A tracker is the affiliate marketer’s main tool. Also, data is stored on your server, so you won’t lose it even your if your license expires. We will take care of all technical issues and will install Binom on your server for free. Eliminating tracking errors is crucial: due to slow redirects you lose ROI, and an inconvenient interface leads to time loss. generation for the binomial distribution with parameters size Forget about waiting. It is better for you to have a clean server. The installation procedure is quite simple. However, the analysis and statistics are either not present at all - or present at a primitive level. We have more than 7 years of experience in media buying and perfectly understand all needs of our fellow affiliates. Send clicks from one campaign to another. Communications of the ACM, 31, 216--222. We recommend using a dedicated server. in size trials. Paths and rules system with 20+ metrics, including uniqueness, proxy, IP-range and time of day. You can filter simultaneously on multiple levels of the report, for example, publisher and OS. Under light load, costs for cloud and self-hosted trackers are comparable. View, edit, create, anything is possible. - Multiuser Learn everything about your traffic! After saving its code in the tracker, landing will open by the campaign URL without any redirects. Highest device and carrier identification accuracy thanks to our combined databases. Earn more with advanced traffic distribution! With Rotations you can conveniently change the distribution weight for any campaign. SSD And as it often happens, during the development process we decided the product would be useful for other people. Our team started to create Binom out of their own needs. Using API, you can display filtered or labeled report rows, thus getting ready white- and blacklists for your campaigns. When new update is available - an orange link "New update" appears in the header, just click on it, then click Update and after couple of minutes you will have the newest version of Binom. GA is a tool for analyzing traffic on a site, for example, you can use this service on your landing. I'm sure that if Binom team won’t slow down, they will capture most part of the market. It is it’s function and the architecture is based on this purpose. Yes, our tracker is self-hosted, i.e. For more than a year, I was not involved in affiliate marketing. You can change campaign settings and traffic distribution: add/delete paths and rules, edit weight etc. You can see statistics for any given campaign or in groups. numerical arguments for the other functions. Optimal specs are: Intel® Core™ i7-6700, 2x500GB SSD HHD, 32GB RAM (BS-32-SSD). $F(x) \ge p$, where $F$ is the distribution function. If size is not an integer, NaN is returned. If you prefer VPS, we recommend you DigitalOcean. Rapid multi-level reports with line markings, search, filters and Drilldown function will help you quickly find profitable segments in your campaign. Our product is the most advanced solution among other self-hosted trackers at the moment. You can also use VPS. Detailed documentation and FAQ with 100+ questions will allow you to master the product, and if you require assistance, feel free to contact our support. Simultaneous filter on several parameters, for example Clicks>100, ROI>50%. As long as all the promos are ready and waiting for the launch. The numerical arguments other than n are recycled to the To start test company, you need 2-3 minutes, or even less (if the source is familiar and land is ready). Any scripts or data that you put into this service are public. So, if you need to run 10 campaigns with different geo – you will fit in 10 minutes! Connect your optimization instruments or integration and visualization tools with a simple API to all the main functions and reports. And lots of other features. - cURL You can contact us using live-chat, email or skype, Slow support and indifference towards clients, A license cost that does not depend to the amount of traffic you send, Click processing time is 5 ms under any server load, The highest speed of report generating on the market, Large-scale automated updates every few month, The fastest and most convenient user interface, Flexible multi-user system with different access rights, The average response time of our support is 2 minutes, Processing speed does not depend on volume, Does not depend on the amount of clicks in database, Compatible with MySQL 5+, MariaDB, Percona, Notes to the campaigns, offers and landings, Distribution by uniqueness and conversion, Collective reports for campaigns and traffic sources, Three-level groupings without limitations. Binomial Probabilities; available from - Convenient and concise interface Distributions for other standard distributions, including - Great support team - Does not crush - PHP 5.6 In my opinion, this is the best tracker that is available today. prob $= p$ has density - Low price Our support team will gladly install the tracker itself on your server, help with data transfer and tell you how to use the tracker for your tasks most effectively. Cross-campaign analysis gives you a huge advantage. rbinom (for size < .Machine$integer.max) is based on. - Continuous new features implementing by user’s request 1) If you don’t have and don’t want to install web-panel (ISP, Vesta, etc. Density, distribution function, quantile function and random Create a team of any size. Find out browser settings, http-headers, exit points and other metrics on the landing page. Yes, after registration you will get a 14 day trial without any limitations in functionality. - MySQL 5.3+ And here I was - everything was already described in documentation, and if not - support always was there to answer any of my questions. You can get a list of existing ones, add new, edit or delete offers and landing pages. Our goal is to give our clients unique opportunities to increase their profits, competitive advantages and provide them with reliable and fast tool. I didn’t have any installation problems; whole process was even easier than in iMobiTrax!

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