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Explain your answer. In August 1949, following the first free elections for seventeen years, a new, democratically elected German government under the leadership of conservative Chancellor Konrad Adenauer took power. Adenauer’s flat rejection was, however, out of step with public opinion; he then realized his mistake and he started to ask questions. Hi there, Thanks for coming on to take a look at some of the notes that I have made, or have been made by friends, that have been very useful in my A-Level exams. Theodor Heuss was elected first President of the Republic, and Adenauer was elected Chancellor on 16 September 1949. It is a large topic and some candidates did struggle to manage the material at their disposal, however they do need to avoid writing sweeping generalisations. My Revision Notes: AQA: The American Dream: Reality and Illusion, 1945-1980 (RRP £9.99) ISBN 9781510418165, published 26 Jan 2018 An academy of Activate Learning Education Trust, a company limited by guarantee. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Here are the links to our revision notes for A Level subjects. Candidates may also argue that the gearing of the economy to war in the Four Year Plan not only distorted the economy but failed to meet targets. How successful was Adenauer as Chancellor of West Germany in the period from 1949 to 1963? At the age of eighty-one, he was almost the un-crowned king of Germany.”. The experience of the Weimar ‘party system’ was still very much alive in people’s minds. Revision:1885 Redistribution Act; A. use of cookies as described in our Cookies policy, To keep up to date with all of our History publishing, sign up for. They are sufficiently broad and balanced to ensure coherence and variety appropriate for AS Level. To keep up to date with all of our History publishing, sign up for eUpdates. • Tsarist and Communist Russia: 1855–1964 • The Tudors: England 1485–1603 Adenauer had brought home the last POWs from Soviet labor camps — “which was greeted with jubilation,” his recent accomplishment in pension reform “was enormously popular,” and his assurance of “no experiments” allowed him to gain reelection to a third term as Chancellor with the CDU/CSU winning convincingly, “the first time that a single party had won an outright majority in German electoral history” in a free election. Give your students the edge they need to achieve their best grade, with new historical analysis and expert exam advice – available in print magazine, eMagazine and Magazine Archive formats. A Level Revision Notes. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. How successful were Hitler’s economic and social policies, 1933–45? Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. We publish A-level resources for Edexcel, OCR, WJEC and CCEA. Candidates can develop their use and understanding of historical terms, concepts and skills. This is a condensed revision notes for Edexcel History Paper 2 which is German Democratic Republic (GDR). For example, in relation to unemployment, the apparent success in reducing the headline number of unemployed to near zero disguises the massaging of the figures. The construction of the Berlin Wall in August 1961 and the sealing of borders by the East Germans made his government look weak. A-Level Revision. It requires own knowledge as part of the evaluative process – to confirm, extend or question the evidence of all the sources and, in so doing, to understand that the sources may either support or refute the interpretation. The question paper for each option contains three essay questions set for each Study Topic. The essay format of the answers requires candidates to demonstrate appropriate skills in their writing such as structure, vocabulary, and the combination of relevant knowledge and explanation. Candidates may qualify praise for Adenhauer ‘s (and his Economics minister’s, Erhard) ‘social market economy’ by reference to the role of the Marshall Plan, the survival of much of Germany’s industrial base, the influx of cheap labour from the east and the impact of the Korean War. How and why did the Nazi Party come to power in 1933? • USA 1865–1975: The Making of a Superpower How effectively did the Nazis maintain their position in power after 1933? 22. For my AS levels, I took on Maths, Physics, Economics and History. • Britain 1851–1964: Challenge and Transformation At the top end, candidates were able to achieve a balance between Weimar weakness and other factors. As with all questions planning does help, but perhaps where there is so much material available a plan becomes essential to ensure that vital issues are covered. During this period, the post-war division of Germany was consolidated with the establishment of two separate German states, the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) and the German Democratic Republic (East Germany). My Revision Notes: AQA: The American Dream: Reality and Illusion, 1945-1980 (RRP £9.99) ISBN 9781510418165, published 26 Jan 2018 An academy of Activate Learning Education Trust, a company limited by guarantee. There were answers that displayed a good knowledge of election results and were able to analyse who voted for Hitler and why. • Stuart Britain: The Crisis of Monarchy 1603–1702 Why did the Royalists lose the First Civil War? There were few candidates who progressed beyond a list-like approach. Available in print and Student eTextbook formats. To carry on my series of posts about subject-specific revision techniques (last week was all about how to revise geography case studies) I've invited Nick Shepley, a history teacher, tutor and host of the Explaining History podcast to share his wisdom about how to dramatically improve your grades in history. Explain your answer.

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